TX College Boys: Jake and Trey

Jake had just turned 18 and was eager to get as much sex on camera as possible before going off to school. Trey was needing some cash too and loves big cocks so TX College Boys figured this would be a great pairing. After a short introduction, they start making out and strip down to their boxers. Trey wastes no time going for Jake’s fat cut cock and pulled it out of Jake’s boxers. He starts sucking like a hungry bitch while Jake lies back and moans in pleasure. Jake pulls off his boxers and lies there completely exposed while Trey keeps slobbering on his knob. “Feels so Good,” Jake moans. Trey finally gets completely naked himself and lays back while Jake goes down on his much smaller cock. It’s already obvious who the bottom’s gonna be here! Jake starts off by using a condom and inserts his thick shaft into Trey’s willing hole. “Nice ass. You like that?” asks Jake. “Fuck that ass!” replies Trey who moans like a bitch in heat. Before long Jake tires of the condom and decides to ditch it and plow Trey bareback. Trey was so horny and since Jake was clean and had a girlfriend he figured why not. Jake pounds Trey’s sweet ass doggie style, and you could tell it felt good having his bare meat thrusting in and out. “I’m all yours,” says Trey.

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