SpunkWorthy: Declan and Avery: Bareback

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Declan is gay and a fan of the SpunkWorthy site and has even done a solo jerk off shoot there, but his favourite straight hunk model from the site is Avery and he really wanted to be able to do a scene with him. The film crew contacted Avery to see if he was up for it, and as he’d fucked a guy in the butt during his last scene without too many issues, he was on board immediately! As things got started, Avery was a bit stiff, but Declan was so fired up about getting to fuck with him that the enthusiasm rubbed off and he was soon in the groove. Watch Avery’s eyes … they were glued to Declan’s cock bouncing up and down on his chest, occasionally moving up to watch the look of ecstasy on Declan’s face. He was clearly getting turned on by pounding Declan’s raw butt.

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SpunkWorthy: Hugh and Tory: Bareback

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After his recent massage video at SpunkWorthy, when he tried a couple dildos in his hole, Tory said he wanted to try the real thing next. The camera crew had just the guy in mind for him: Hugh. He’s got a thick dick and they had a feeling he’d jump in there and fuck Tory like a jackrabbit … and he did … bareback too!

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SpunkWorthy: Landon Fucks Eddie: Bareback

Category : SpunkWorthy

Landon is back at SpunkWorthy and this time he’s breaking some boundaries he never thought he’d ever cross. When he got in touch to say that he was ready to top a guy, the film crew knew exactly who to pair him with. Eddie had recently said he too was down for getting fucked on camera … plus both of the guys had said they liked their sex a bit rough and raw, so what a great pairing for their respective first times!

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