TX College Boys: Ben and Dean

Dean had originally replied to an ad and was interested in doing a solo. He and the TX College Boys producer set up a time and about an hour before the shoot a text message from Dean’s roommate Ben arrived … Seems Dean was a little nervous and wanted his roommate to come with him. Ben said he had done porn before and would be up for a solo as well, but when they arrived … amazingly, they said they had been talking in the car on the way over and were interested in doing a scene together. They had been roommates for a while and had joked about fooling around before, but they had never actually acted on it … until now. Because they knew each other and felt safe, they wanted to fuck bare. It is fun watching the two of them explore each other and honestly seem to have a great time. Dean has a huge cock and tried topping, but when that didn’t quite work out Ben was more than willing to take over. They sucked, fucked, and Ben shot a nice load of jizz all over Dean’s face.

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