Czech Hunter: The Cute Delivery Guy

The Czech Hunter cameraman was going to meet a friend for dinner when he noticed a very cute delivery guy waiting by the door of a nearby building. Naturally he had his trusty cam with him and he switched it on and went straight over to the delivery guy and started to chat him up. After a short while the conversation turned to money and how bad his salary was and that things in life can be sometimes quite difficult. Naturally this was great news for our horny cameraman … he offered the guy some cash in exchange for a blow job and he agreed … they moved into the back of the delivery van and got naked … check out below to see what happens next!

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Sean Cody: Chase and Kellin

Chase was craving some more arse to pound, so the Sean Cody film crew set it up for him to fuck Kellin … and, with an ass like his, they knew Chase would be more than pleased! In fact, Chase said … “I think he’s a fun guy to work with, he’s got a great arse … a nice, tight arse actually! By far, it’s definitely the biggest arse that I’ve been paired with.” Plus he knew just how to take full advantage of Kellin’s big assets and took plenty of pleasure in making him moan!

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Czech Hunter: Cute Busboy Gets Raw Fucked For Fast Cash

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman went to a restaurant to try his luck finding a willing lad to be filmed there. Once seated, he noticed the local busboy … he was young, blond and very cute. He worked there part-time as he was still going to school. It was a bit hard to chat to him because his boss was almost always watching him. But when he finally got him alone and made him an offer … he was quick to agree and eager to see just how much cash he could earn by sucking cock and getting his tight little virgin arsehole fucked … bareback of course!

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