Braxton Cruz and Enzo Muller: Load The Dice

When his roommate Enzo Muller finds his sex dice, model Braxton Cruz gets a little flustered but agrees to show Enzo how they work. After Enzo rolls to put on a blindfold, Braxton shakes his dick in the bottom’s face, then gets a blindfolded blowjob! When Enzo realizes Braxton actually rolled a 69, he scolds the top to play fair, and they strip down so Braxton can lick his hole as Enzo sucks him. Enzo rolls riding and eagerly climbs on top, and on Braxton’s next turn it’s time for doggy-style. The guys follow the dice’s instructions until Braxton pounds Enzo in missionary and they both jack off and cum!

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After a long day of fun, model Kane Fox is horny, but his bf Cristiano says he’s too tired for even a blowjob! When twink Joey Mills peeks in, Kane’s prayers are answered, so he kneels by the side of the bed as Joey gets underneath and sucks him. When Kane’s boyfriend discovers Joey under the bed, he storms out, giving the horny twinks the opportunity for some release! Kane rims Joey, then fucks his mouth before they 69, and the top bends Joey over the side of the bed to give him every inch of his dick. Kane fucks the bottom in missionary and spoon, then Joey orgasms as he rides him before Kane pulls out and cums on his hole!

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All model Joey Mills wants is a taste of his tall, muscular top roommate Chuck Conrad’s cum, but Chuck won’t mix business with pleasure, so Joey has to take things into his own hands. After he spies on Chuck shooting his load into a stroker, Joey slips on a ski mask and sneaks into Chuck’s room to steal a taste of that jizz. Chuck catches the horny bottom in the act and teaches him a lesson, fucking his face, then pounding him missionary and doggy-style. Chuck didn’t bank on Joey wanting just that, and the bottom rides him, then takes every inch of that thick cock in piledriver till he cums all over his own face! Joey happily takes a second facial and finally gets to taste Chuck’s cum.

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When the exchange goes sideways, new enforcer and
model Malik Delgaty knows he needs to find the police surveillance van and do whatever it takes to get the evidence. In the van, officer Olivier Robert is so distracted watching the feed of the gangster fucking the undercover cop–and jacking off–he doesn’t spot Malik approaching till he busts open the doors. Malik decides if his boss can fuck a cop, so can he, and takes out his cock for Olivier to suck. He pounds him in doggy-style, then the bearded officer rides him before taking it deep in spoon position till he cums. Olivier takes a facial so good it’s criminal … and that’s not all.

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