BelAmiOnline: Joaquin Arrenas and Rhys Jagger

With a model as experienced as Joaquin, the BelAmiOnline film crew can sometimes find it hard to choose a partner that he hasn’t already had sex with, but by some twist of fate it turns out that he has never filmed with Rhys before. Rhys and Joaquin are so perfect together that it seems like a match made in heaven. The sex is passionate and intense as Rhys puts his buddy though his entire repertoire of sexual positions before finally shooting a huge load all over Joaquin’s waiting arse.

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BelAmiOnline: Eluan Jeunet and Jim Durden and Elio Chalamet

Elio is the bottom here for both his BelAmiOnline buddies, but before wrapping it up Eluan fucks Jim too. While the fucking in this scene is certainly 1st class, it is their foreplay that really stands out. Each of these three guys are so horny that they literally devour each other in an orgy of kissing, sucking and arse eating. The whole steamy encounter ends in wads of cum flying everywhere, most notably, all over Elio’s face and, quite literally, all over all of Jim too!

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BelAmiOnline: Justin Saradon and Ryan McKenna

The BelAmiOnline crew had a little crisis in Cape Town before this shoot. The guys went out shopping and when they got home, they realised that they had lost Ryan. After sending out the troops to look for him, Ryan found his way home by himself none the worse for wear. The most relieved at this news is of course Justin, as Ryan was to be his scene partner today and he had been looking forward to it all week. In the end tho, all turn out well and we are treated to one of the standout scenes so far in the series: a romantic out door shower before a long and luxurious fuck on the terrace.

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