Bentley Race: Darec Bauer and Ivan Rivera

Bentley Race was in Berlin recently and caught up with a few locals for some hot sex sessions. Today Darec Bauer and Ivan Rivera turned up to Ben’s hotel room after spending the night out clubbing and told him they were both ready to get off before heading home. Ben starting to film a solo scene with Darec as he worked his fat cock, when suddenly Ivan entered from the other room and jumped in on Darec’s scene. Ben had no idea what was going to happen next … these guys really got into each other with Ivan slurping down Darec’s thick cock … and then they got into some raw fucking action … watch as the guys take turns at pounding each other!

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Bentley Race: Buzz Hardy and Dylan Anderson

One of the hottest shoots filmed last summer was just loaded up onto Bentley Race. When Ben first met sexy French boy Buzz Hardy and saw the hot show he put on in his first solo shoot, Ben knew that his mate Dylan Anderson would love to meet him. The guys were so into each other that they were kissing before they even made it over to the studio. Dylan strips Buzz naked so quickly in the video that even Buzz is surprised! After sucking on each other’s dicks they moved quickly to fucking. And it turns out that Buzz loves taking it in as many positions as possible. Naturally, Dylan was up for the job!

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Bentley Race: Rory Hayes and Dylan Anderson

Recently Ben from Bentley Race got these two sexy mates of his, Dylan Anderson and Rory Hayes, over to his studio for their second shoot together. There’s a lot of kissing and teasing as they strip each other naked during in the photoshoot. Then, after sucking on Dylan’s cock, Rory backs up on his hot mate raw dick …. Dylan happily slides his cock deep into Rory’s bum and starts riding him on the bed.

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Bentley Race: Beau Jackson and Andrew Tran

Bentley Race was pretty excited about this new shoot with his mates Beau Jackson and Andrew Tran. It’s Beau’s first couple shoot. When Ben first met Andrew he told Ben how much he liked this guy called Beau he’d seen on the site. But, unfortunately, at the time Beau, was not shooting with them. But … recently Beau told Ben he was keen to do some new shoots … so Ben thought he’d surprise Andrew with a shoot with his porn crush. Beau was pretty keen to get a go at fucking Andrew too. The guys got along really well. In fact Andrew was already sucking on Beau’s cock before they even started shooting. Beau can barely fit his thick uncut cock in Andrew’s raw hole.

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