FraternityX: A Good Arse Pounding

Category : FraternityX

Stiffer lost a bet on the game, but instead of paying the debt himself he served up fellow FraternityX bro Chris, the official frat bitch. His tight little arse was passed around the house for a couple hours. The drunker everyone got, the harder they pounded it. A couple dudes busted a nut in his mouth while Stiffer filled up his arse hole with his raw hard cock and cum!

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FraternityX: Frat Boy Gangbang

Category : FraternityX

Eight of the FraternityX brothers got stoned and sat around and waited for Sean (AKA Pike) to get on his knees and start sucking dick. He’s pretty much the official frat bitch now. Someone even threw their girlfriends panties on his head, and gave him a ‘tramp stamp’ to make it official.

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FraternityX: Used Hole

Category : FraternityX

Face Down, Arse Up … that’s the way the FraternityX frat bros like to fuck! They don’t want to see the bottom’s face, unless it’s sucking their cock. And no need to waste beer money on lube … just a quick bit of spit and shove it on in … that’ll fuck you up hey!

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FraternityX: Arse Invasion5

Category : FraternityX

The FraternityX frat bros had been drinking all afternoon and needed to cum .. now! Frenchie’s tight little butt home is just what they all needed … so they all took turns to fuck it raw, until he was a fucking mess and his arse was full of cum!

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