Czech Hunter: The Kid In The Sauna

This week the Czech Hunter met a handsome guy from s small country town who was in Prague visiting his granny. They chatted for a while and he found out that the lad didn’t even finish school and that he was currently unemployed. As he was a bit short of money, our cameraman managed to get him accompany him to a hotel and to jerk off for the camera. But that’s all he would do … but a few days later he called up saying he was interested in doing whatever it took to make some more cash … and so they agreed to meet up at a local sauna … check out below and see just what the kid is prepared to do now!

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Sean Cody: Randall and Brent: Bareback

“Yep, he’s a shy one,” Brent told Sean Cody “I like that … he’s tall, lean, cute … just my type!” He was talking about Randall, who was laughing nervously nearby on the sofa. “Here give me the camera,” Brent said confidently. He filmed as Randall unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. “Oh wow! You’re already hard!” … Randall laughed again. He had the cutest smile on his face and it was clear that he wanted Brent to join him. Randall kind of followed Brent’s lead. He was a little tentative at first, but Brent made him comfortable enough to really let go! … This is one hot raw fuck!

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