Czech Hunter: The Long-haired Lad

The Czech Hunter cameraman loves lads with longer hair. Every time he sees a long-haired cutie he cannot help himself … he just has to try to persuade them to allow him to film them. As it is already pretty cold outside he started his hunt today inside the local shopping centre. After almost one hour he saw the perfect “victim” in the food court. He sat down next to him and when he asked why he had a cam … the game was afoot!. The lad said that he would never show his dick in front of a camcorder. Well after a few minutes, and offers of lots of cash … they went to the toilets where he did more than just show off his dick!

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ChaosMen: Palmer and Silas: RAW

After ChaosMen dropped Palmer at the airport after his recent solo/oral videos, and he had barely got settled through security, he texted to say he was ready to come back for more! Despite being straight, he was definitely going to throw himself into doing ‘more’ (ie gay-for-pay sex) with very little hesitation! Of course, he wanted to start off by topping another dude, but was down for sucking cock, though he said he likely wouldn’t be very good at it! And now he’s back and paired with Silas, who is now officially 30-years-old, and has been maintaining his body with total diligence and he looks amazing. Hard to believe he made his first appearance way back in 2007! He seems more comfortable with being Bi these days, though women seem to still to be his primary interest, but is not averse to getting fucked on camera … as he does here today!

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Bentley Race: Jan Peters and Gabriel Smits

Jan Peters normally likes to be fucked, but today he was going to bareback his cute mate Gabriel. Bentley Race can tell that Gabriel takes a little while before becoming comfortable with Jan’s big cock drilling his arsehole. And then Jan really starts to ride him hard. The guys are having a lot of fun making this video. And eventually Jan pulls out and dumps his load of cum all over Gabriel’s pretty face.

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Czech Hunter: Town Square Pickup

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman started his ritual hunt at the town square. It was full of tourists and all the lads there were friendly, even tho they refused to show off their private parts for the camera! Then he saw a young guy with Arab looks … he was there to meet his girlfriend, but as she was running late, and as money can be persuasive, he agreed to show off his dick and more!

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