Broke Straight Boys: Tyler White and Brody Lasko: Raw Flip Fuck

Tyler White and Brody Lasko are up for anything in this scene at Broke Straight Boys, so you know it’s going to be good! And by good, you need to be ready, cock-in-hand – as you are gonna see a heap of full-on sucking, fucking, flipping and bareback arsehole-riding!

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William Higgins: Arny Donan and Alan Carley and Mattias Solich: Bareback Czech Up

In this fantasy Czech Up video from William Higgins, Mattias Solich is the doctor and he is visited by soldiers Alan Carly and Arny Donan. Mattias takes down some details and then instructs Alan and Arny to strip off to be examined. They both get naked and stand in front of the examination table, so that Mattias can check them out. He starts off normally, but soon ends up with a finger up each guy’s arseholes! Then the two “patients” bareback fuck and cum inside, breeding their buddy’s hole, before finishing off by giving Mattias a two-mouthed, happy-ending blow job!

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Bad Puppy: Alejo and Erick

While standing guard, Private Erick gets a little too into his own privates and is soon discovered by Corporal Alejo and the Bap Puppy camera crew. The Corporal’s punishment begins with push-ups and ends with the Erick’s back-end riding Alejo’s majorly thick, uncut cock bareback. Enjoy!

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Dudes Raw: Cam Christou Barebacks Ryan Raz

Tatted up hunk Cam Christou is way into sexy fucker and new Dudes Raw model Ryan Raz. Cam starts off by sucking on Ryan’s sweet dick and driving the guy wild for more. Cam takes him to the next level of ecstasy by flipping him over and burying his face in his between his butt cheeks, driving his tongue deep into Ryan’s quivering hole. With Ryan’s hole nice and juicy, and lubed up with spit, Cam drive his big cock deep into the guy’s deliciously raw bubble butt. Ryan loves it and is soon meeting Cam’s thrusts and fucking him back .. .not bad for his first time fucking bareback!

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