FratX: Five Dude Gangbang

Andrew had been up partying for days, and towards the end of his binge, in one early morning, he was hungry for some cock. Five frat guys from FratX started on him. Pounding this piece of meat until he screamed for them to stop … then one dude covered his mouth and told the bitch to ‘shut the fuck up!’ He rode all their raw dicks for hours, before they all dropped their loads into the bitches cum hole!

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Czech Hunter: At The Truck Stop

The Czech Hunter cameraman took the main highway on his way back to Prague. When he stopped at a Truck Stop he noticed a young guy sneaking around near a truck. Was it a thief? He looked far too young for a truck-driver but above all: he looked damn hot. Luckily for us, he always has his cam with him. So he naturally started to interview and film him. He seemed a bit scared when he first noticed the camera, but he still answered all the questions. He said that his brother was driving the truck and that he away eating something in the gas station. Anyway: he immediately agreed to show off his cock for a few bucks and even allowed the camera to film his getting fucked raw in the Truck Stop’s showers!

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