Mormon Boyz: Elder Hardt and Bishop Angas: The Interview

Every Preparation Day, Mormon Boyz hottie Elder Hardt checks his email for new instructions from the brethren. But this week was different. He signed into his email and found just one message, from Bishop Angus. The subject line read, “Request for a Bishop’s interview with Elder Hardt.” The men of the Order tapped Elder Hardt to find and prepare young men for the “harvest.” For months now Elder Hardt has been diligently recruiting his fellow missionaries. In the process, word has been getting around that Hardt has a highly unusual talent. As the rumours went, Elder Hardt could literally spray his seed like a squirt gun while having orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. It is also rumoured that one of the triggers for this type of a “squirting orgasm” is having his prostate thoroughly pounded. Of course, Bishop Angus was more than happy to go to town on Elder Hardt’s tail in pursuit of the truth!

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Cocksure Men: Patrick Tyson Barebacks Sean Robson

Ripped studs Patrick Tyson and Sean Robson kiss passionately, feeling each others bulging biceps. Then Sean pulls Patrick’s shorts half way down and starts to suck on his stiff cock. Patrick lifts Sean up placing him on a lounge chair. Sean flexes and pulls his shirt up exposing his chiselled abs, and then, after Sean takes his shirt off, Patrick pulls Sean’s leg up showing his hidden ASSets! Patrick plays with Sean’s hole at the same time Sean strokes his cock. Patrick pulls his shirt off and starts to bareback Sean’s raw arsehole for the Cocksure Men cameras!

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Bareback That Hole: Cutler X and Draven Torres: Bareback

When Draven first saw the mammoth size of Cutler’s cock in person he was not only blown away, but he knew he was going to be in for one of the Best Fucks he’s ever had … and that was no lie! Cutler and his extraordinary sized cock put yet another eager talented bottom to the test in this scene from Bareback That Hole … and at the start Cutler’s massive uncut tool is serviced up, down, and all around by Draven’s talented tongue and mouth. He works over Cutler’s floppy and loose hanging foreskin with such ease and expertise that it’s no wonder that he gets stiff, hard and ready to fuck. Draven’s eager butt is bent over and ravaged by Cutler’s raspy tongue and lips as his hole is prepped for this huge chocolate stick. Cutler slides deep into Draven’s bare butt as he fucks and fills him full. Draven screams, yet yearns for each thrust to be harder and deeper. Cutler has once again met his sexual match in what is an astounding offering of pure raw sweaty sex at its very best.

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Ayor Studios: Justin Boyle and Timothy Grant: Bareback Flip Fuck

Justin Boyle is a 19yo lad from a city apartment complex. He doesn’t work anywhere. He always spends the entire day with his friends, and he lives together with two of them in a rented apartment. Justin often likes to experiment in sex. He has a meeting today with Timothy, who he met last night in a bar … and they filmed this bareback flip fuck scene together for Ayor Studios!

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