ChaosMen: Shiloh and Spiro

ChaosMen thought it would be a good pairing if he tossed Spiro, the resident bossy silver daddy, in with a Shiloh, the resident cock sucker. He thought for sure that Spiro would love to get all dom on Shiloh. Instead, this video feels more like Shiloh is in control! A Bossy bottom? The guys start by stroking their own cocks, watching a video together, but Shiloh quickly goes into cock sucking mode. Spiro was totally impressed at the way Shiloh sucked his cock and rimmed his hole. Shiloh sure knows how to handle a cock! Shiloh even takes charge of the fucking, sitting on Spiro’s cock, grinding and trying to milk the load out of it!

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Bad Puppy: Steve Peryoux and Tom Vojak: Bareback Fuck

The Czech Republic’s hottest ginger is back at Bad Puppy, and this time around, Tom Vojak, is giving his all to Steve Peryoux. Enjoy this super-hot bareback fuck with these two very hot guys!

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Dallas Reeves: Johnny Forza Barebacks Dylan Drive

As Johnny Forza takes in some tropical sun in the Dallas Reeves studio pool, Dylan Drive swims up alongside. Some horseplay ensues, and then Dylan is off to hit the showers, with a horny Johnny right on his heels. Dylan lathers up, and just as he rinses off, Johnny walks into the shower with a raging boner. Dylan instinctively grabs a hold of Johnny’s big cock, while the much taller Johnny bends down to kiss him. The kissing is soon replaced by a great blowjob by Dylan, though. Then Johnny sits down in order to let Dylan ride him. As Dylan slides down onto Johnny’s raw cock, he lets out a gasp of pleasure. He is quite happy to let Johnny know how well he can ride a dick!

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William Higgins: Milan Zrzek and Borek Sokol

Milan Zrzek came in to the William Higgins studios for a scene with Borek Sokol. We find them in an apartment with amazing views and as Borek leans out of the window to photograph the scene Milan goes behind him and starts to play with his butt. He lowers Borek’s jeans to expose the round cheeks … and then spreading them Milan begins to rim the tight hole, and teases it with a finger! His tongue laps at the hole and then Borek turns around, his cock hard, so that Milan can suck him off. Then Borek goes down onto his knees and wraps his mouth around Milan’s massive erection. He sucks and wanks it and then stands up to sit his raw hot arsehole right down on that huge pole. He rides that cock, his own dick staying rock hard as his hole gets stretched to the limit!

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