Sean Cody: Ajay and Steven: Bareback

Wow! Ajay is back with Sean Cody! It’s been nearly seven years since we’ve seen him last and everyone was really excited about his return! He’s still just as hot and ripped as ever … and that dick of his … yum! He had a really great time and he loved getting fucked bareback by a hot younger dude named Steven!

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Cocksure Men: Rick McCoy and Dylan Now

Rick McCoy is one of the most popular models ever on the Cocksure Men site, so when Rick saw Dylan Now over on their sister site,, he knew right away he wanted Dylan’s bare-cock deep inside his ass. Rick and Dylan take turns swapping spit, sucking cock, and tonguing each others tasty assholes in preparation for their impending bareback romp. Seeing Dylan’s raging hard-on, Rick jumps on top and eases himself slowly onto his raw ram-rod of a cock. Rick sits on Dylan’s full-mast loving every second of Dylan pounding his tight hole. Dylan wants to ensure Rick feels every inch of his fat cock as the guys switch to doggie-style. Rick grasps at the sheets as he gets slammed deep from behind. His tight hole sends Dylan into orgasm and he sprays all over Rick’s beautiful butt. Rick flips over on his back and Dylan licks Rick’s balls, almost immediately causing Rick to spill his seed all over his own tight abs.

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William Higgins: Ondra Radni and Filip Cerny: Bareback

It is time to go to work and William Higgins model Ondra is outside fellow model Filip’s bedroom window and shouting at him to wake up … Filip, however, has other ideas and rolls over and goes back to sleep. Ondra has to take matters into his own hands, so he goes into the house and starts pulling the covers off of Filip. But soon he has joined him on the bed and is kissing him. Filip helps Ondra off with his dungarees and then removes his own underwear. He wanks Onra’s hot cock as he kisses him some more. Kneeling, facing each other, they wank on each other’s dicks. They move to a 69, laying on the bed again, each sucking each other other well. Ondra then moves onto his knees, bending over, and Filip rims his hot arsehole, teasing it with a finger too. With his cock so hard Ondra has Filip bend over on the bed, so he can fuck him raw. His cock slams in and out of Filip’s tight hole, fucking him deep and hard. Filip moans with each thrust, making Ondra fuck him even harder.

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Broke Straight Boys: Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daniels: Bareback

Paul Canon and Skyler Daniels are back at Broke Straight Boys, and these two hot straight guys are ready to suck and fuck, bareback, for some cash! They’re not too hard to start, but once they get to kissing and their cocks touch, they soon get a little harder. And once the oral starts, their dicks are standing at attention ready for the main event, where Skylar gets Paul’s cock up his butt hole … and there’s no condoms in sight!

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