Czech Hunter: The Athletic Twink In The Park

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman was in a local park … the weather was nice and the park was crowded. A young guy was running towards him, and he flagged him down and started a chat. The guy was exercising alone and when asked about his financial situation, it soon became obvious he was without a proper job and no regular income … so our cameraman made a proposal the lad simply couldn’t refuse … check out the images below and see just how far this lad was prepared to go!

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BelAmiOnline: Tim Campbell and Gaelan Binoche

Today from BelAmiOnline, we get to see a more subdued and romantic side of Tim Campbell than we normally do … maybe it is due to the loving and calming caresses of Gaelan Binoche. Once the fucking starts though, the energetic and slightly wild side to Tim starts to take control again in this condom-free shoot!

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FraternityX: Fuck and Chuck

The FraternityX guys woke up last Tuesday to find that Grant had drank all the booze. Carter wanted to teach this punk kid a lesson. So three frat bros pounded both holes all morning long … then they dumped their hot loads right into his tight raw college boy hole!

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Sketchy Sex: The Neighbourhood Cums

One of the guys in the Sketchy Sex Frat House had been up all night – texting and messaging everyone he could think of … he wanted a gang bang … and he wanted it NOW! And he got his wish … practically every guy within walking distance of his willing arsehole was there in the morning in an orderly line … dicks out, hard and at the ready … taking his sloppy hole one by one!

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