ChaosMen: Tegan and Zale: Raw Flip Fuck

This is Tegan’s first time with a guy who identifies as totally straight. ChaosMen were initially a little nervous about pairing him up, mainly because he is very intense, but thankfully Zale is very chill, and he admitted that he was getting boners the entire day before the shoot. He didn’t quite say that he was excited to be working with another dude, but he pretty much implied it. Since Tegan is also completely versatile, the guys were happy to make this a flip-flop video. There’s some pretty intense anal play at the start and it’s always nice to see both guys getting fucked … so check it out and enjoy!

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Czech Hunter: Best Buddies Go Gay For Pay

It was a sunny afternoon when the Czech Hunter cameraman went to the local shopping centre looking for twinks to film. Today must be his lucky day, as he met up with two guys. They were visiting from Slovakia, a neighbouring country, and were looking for a job. They’d had no luck so far and were almost broke. They were fun guys and rather open to our cameraman’s little offers. The first thing he wanted them to do was to kiss each other. But not a short kiss … he insisted on a long French one … and in public too … right in the middle of the crowd. And as they didn’t mind this he asked them for more … check it out below!

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ChaosMen: Byron and Zale

Byron is back at ChaosMen after some time away … he’s been moving house and has a new job that is keeping him quite busy. He’s sporting a moustache now and remains the ultimate straight married dude that just loves to have his arse rammed. His partner in today’s scene is Zale, and boy, he sure it on his game today! In fact, it is safe to day that he manages to get 3 cum loads out of Byron during this raw fuck scene!

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Czech Hunter: The Cute Basketballer Gets Fucked

A few weeks ago the Czech Hunter met a really cute guy. He played basketball and he even showed me his arse for 1.000 crowns … but he was not willing to do more. So you can imagine how he felt when the cute guy called him on the phone and said he was willing to try after all! Check out below just how far he will go!

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