Sean Cody: Philip and Kellin

Philip is back at the Sean Cody studios and Kellin is there to break him in! The guys played some soccer to break the ice, but didn’t really need to – they got along right from the get-go, as if they’ve been friends for ages. “I think we both love playing with balls … soccer balls, you know?” Kellin smirked. Philip was admiring Kellin’s body, and couldn’t wait to get his arse pounded raw. Kellin showed the newbie how things get done around there, and Philip just submitted to the pain and the pleasure of it all!

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Czech Hunter: The Young Lad From The Post Office

The Czech Hunter cameraman Jiri is back after few months away recovering from an accident. But now he’s back, in full strength, and with that big fat uncut dick of his, harder than ever before! As he switched on the camera, he felt the thrill immediately … out on the hunt again! He stopped one young lad as he was leaving a post office. He kept smiling and answering all the questions, so Jiri went straight for him and gave him a very special offer. Something for something, in our case, money for sexy pleasure. He went for it. Small hotel room was just fine for them get naked and play dirty!

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Czech Hunter: The Lonely Lad On The Park Bench

His mood fit the grey winter weather perfectly. When the Czech Hunter saw this young guy sitting alone at a park bench next to the river he immediately noticed his sad looks. He didn’t want to talk, so he had to switch off the cam for a while. The lad was apparently having troubles with his girlfriend. After talking a little bit about the problems with his girlfriend, our cameraman suggested that some form of gift would be a great idea. Poor lad tho, said that he didn’t have enough money for that … which was exactly what our cameraman wanted to hear. So he naturally offered a helping hand full of cash … then it was rather easy to talk him into some dirty little games!

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