BelAmiOnline: Jason Clark and Tom Pollock: Condom Free

The latest update from BelAmiOnline features a contrasting combo of the archetypal blond, Tom Pollock, with the dark haired brunette, Jason Clark. They are aware some might not like glasses, but they rightly think Jason is much sexier with them! Watch the sexual chemistry explode and the action unfold … all condom free!

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Czech Hunter: Skater Lad Agrees To Get Fucked For Cash

The Czech Hunter cameraman decided to visit the most famous skating spot in Prague this week. It was a sunny day so he soon found many young guys practicing their skills. You wouldn’t believe how many handsome young skaters there are! Eventually he settled on one cute lad in a hoodie. He wasn’t a great skater, so our cameraman tried to earn his attention with some flattery … and it worked perfectly. He totally bought the lie about making a documentary about skater culture in Prague. They went off together and had a nice cold beer and chatted and it was soon obvious the lad was really open-minded and soon agreed to skate around with bare chest … and before long, with some extra cash on offer, he agreed to go somewhere more private to film the contents of his trousers!

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Sean Cody: Robert and Dean: Bareback

As you can easily see, Sean Cody models Robert and Dean both have really nice bodies … so seeing them play around together outside and shirtless is a treat in itself. Dean was especially enthused. “As soon as I saw him take his shirt off, I just couldn’t wait to get his pants off!” Robert was showing Dean how to play horseshoe, and truth be told, it wasn’t the easiest game. “You know, I do hope that there’s one thing harder than this game today.” Dean smirked, alluding to the pun intended! Even though he lost, Dean found something to be positive about. “Well, I lost the game of horseshoe, so I was destined to bottom today …” Robert was really into Dean and it showed while he was rimming his arse and fucking it raw, nice and deeply. By the end of it all, Dean was covered in cum yet again. He wasn’t complaining though, and neither was Robert!

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Czech Hunter: The Shopping Mall Guy

Honza, or “Dennis” as he sometimes prefers to call himself, is another cameraman working with Czech Hunter and today he found a nice guy outside a Shopping Mall. After paying the right amount of cash, he gave this straight guy what he deserved: a good raw fuck and a hot facial cum shot!

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