Czech Hunter: The Cute Lad Who Knew How To Haggle

Today’s lad was a regular whore. But the Czech Hunter cameraman found that he was far from easy to convince to do what he wanted him to do, mainly because he really knew how to haggle. He took so much convincing before he finally stopped playing hard to get; and tho he eventually walked away with a sore arsehole, he also had managed to haggle our cameraman out of every single bit of money he had!

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Cocksure Men: Ivan Jizera Barebacks Karel Jozef

Cocksure Men models Ivan Jizera and Karel Jozef are relaxing in a bubble bath, enjoying snacks and red wine. With the wine going straight into their blood stream, Ivan decides he wants a different snack. He gets down on his knees and shoves Karel’s dick as far down his throat as he can. Karel returns the favour by tasting Ivan’s cock. Karel turns around and Ivan tongues his butt hole like a hungry hog. Ivan sits on the edge of the tub, Karel follows and sits on his raw cock … totally bareback.

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Sean Cody: Philip and Kellin

Philip is back at the Sean Cody studios and Kellin is there to break him in! The guys played some soccer to break the ice, but didn’t really need to – they got along right from the get-go, as if they’ve been friends for ages. “I think we both love playing with balls … soccer balls, you know?” Kellin smirked. Philip was admiring Kellin’s body, and couldn’t wait to get his arse pounded raw. Kellin showed the newbie how things get done around there, and Philip just submitted to the pain and the pleasure of it all!

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Czech Hunter: Straight Lad Martin Gets Fucked

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman met a young accountant named Martin at the local park … he was there waiting for a bus as he was going to meet up his girlfriend in another part of the city later that day. When the cameraman mentioned giving him cash for doing some naughty things, Martin was totally down for it … in fact, he had a great idea where they could go too … for some privacy … the flat that he shared with his girlfriend! After all, he knew she was not at home, so why not take advantage of it! They went there and fucked our cameraman fucked him like the bitch he is … this lad just has to be bisexual without knowing it, he had a full-on hard-on almost the entire time and even shot his own load all over his own feet and our cameraman’s new shoes!

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