ChaosMen: Vander and Troi

This is Troi’s first full-on fuck video. He has “reluctantly” fucked guys before, but he admitted he never was with a dude that compared to Vander. Vander loves to rim a guy, and before the anal sex started, he got to go back and forth between Troi’s tasty arsehole and massive uncut cock, and before long he had Troi hard and ready to go … Vander started off by sitting on Troi’s ginormous cock, then he side-saddles Troi’s dick, and the ChaosMen cameraman is pretty sure Troi has never had anyone take his raw cock up their butthole so eagerly and skilfully!

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ChaosMen: Bentley and Wren: RAW

Bentley was recently on a Holiday Break and ChaosMen were able to get him to come in and stick his big ‘ole cock inside another lad! Wren is turning out to really like guys with big cocks. Hmmm … A size queen in the making … but still seems to play fully on Team Straight when at home. He loves to suck a big dick and Bentley gives him plenty of it. Bentley’s hole gets a proper licking, but it’s still a “No Go” area on that front! Using an upside down position, Bentley slides his hard bare cock right inside Wren’s hungry hole. It just looks massive as it goes into the super lean Wren!

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ChaosMen: Cooper Reed and Teo

Teo is back! ChaosMen get heaps of return requests for a lot of previous performers, but for the most part many of the guys have gotten married, taken good paying jobs, or are just in need a spot of cash now and then to balance a budget … porn is not their main income source. But every now and then we get lucky, and this scene is one to remember, as site favourite Teo returns and we get to see two really hot uncut guys enjoying some raw man-sex together … and even better, we get to see Teo with his ankles in the air as Cooper Reed fucks his tight hole … totally raw and bareback!

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ChaosMen: Bradley and Jon: Raw Flip Fuck

Bradley had seen Jon in another ChaosMen video getting fucked by Pax and he wanted to try out that hot blonde hunks hole too! He asked the cameraman if he could arrange for him to do a scene with Jon. So the cameraman asked Jon if he was interested and, after checking him out, especially that huge uncut of Bradley’s, he readily agreed. The guys had lots of sexual chemistry together right from the get go and they both wanted to do the right thing by the other, and after some mutual cock stroking, they 69-ing each other, rimmed each other’s hole and then flip-fucked bareback too!

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