Czech Hunter: The Lad from The Christmas Markets

It’s that time of year again and the Czech Hunter cameraman went to check out the Christmas markets … lots of cuties roaming around there! He went after the first lad he saw, and although he looked bit shocked when he first approached him, he was soon all smiling, communicative and relaxed. Once he said that he didn’t have enough cash for his Christmas shopping, our cameraman naturally made him an offer he couldn’t refuse … check out what happened later in the hotel room they rented for a couple of hours!

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Sweet and Raw: Ronny Howard and Billy Webster

Ronny Howard, in yellow, is more than just in lust with fellow Sweet and Raw model Billy Webster, the cutie with the red tank top. Both are tall, slender, and nicely toned, their bodies revealed to perfection as they slowly strip. While making out, they caress one another … then, all of a sudden … WHAM! … turns out Billy has one big fat uncut dick. Although Billy’s a pretty good cocksucker, Ronny likes to have his sweet, raw hole, stretched with Billy’s incredibly fat cock … and so will you!

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ChaosMen: Chip and Kristopher: RAW

Kristopher really likes to top, and during this ChaosMen video he stays hard pretty much the entire time he’s fucking Chip, as evidenced by Chip keeping a hand placed on Kristopher’s thigh through out the first part of getting fucked. Not too deep dude! Chip pretty much “takes it” from Kristopher, and during the final standing position he started getting rock hard from being fucked and “kinda” started really enjoying it.

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William Higgins: Arny Donan and Filip Cerny: Bareback

In the latest screen test from William Higgins the very studly Arny Donan is paired up with the sexy Filip Cerny. Filip interviews Arny to find out a bit about him, encouraging him to show off his awesome chest. Then they both remove their shorts and start wanking. Arny moves closer to Filip, and as his cock hardens he feels his new friends hand on it. Arny reciprocates, so they wank each other and then kiss. Soon Filip has lost his shirt too and has Arny’s cock in his mouth, feeling it move in and out as he sucks. Moving to 69, with Filip underneath, lets Arny get a taste of cock too. But Filip needs some cock in his arse and is soon on his back, legs up, feeling Arny’s throbbing cock fucking him nice and deep … and bareback too!

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