Fore-Skin: Alexander and Tristan: Gay Massage Leads To Raw Fucking

This is one seriously hot scene from Fore-Skin, where Alexander and Tristan are lying together on the bed and Tristan starts to give Alexander a massage. Things start to get naughty, and once Alexander’s pants come down, leaving him in nothing but a jock-strap, Tristan’s raw uncut cock soon slides in to Alexander’s arsehole while his shoulders are still being massaged … things just get hottest and raunchier from there … check it out!

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Fore-Skin: Alan Benfelen and Corey Law

Alan Benfelen and Corey Law barely give the Fore-Skin camera enough time to roll in this erotic gay porn scene. They are ready to get started … now! They are kissing passionately and caressing each other’s bodies right away at the beginning of the scene. They take each other’s shirts off and continue to kiss each other’s lips, neck and shoulders. They start pawing at each other’s uncut cocks because they are dying to feel them inside their mouths and their arses …

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Fore-Skin: Alexander and Tristan

Fore-Skin model Tristan couldn’t wait to wake Alexander up from a deep sleep using his wandering fingers. Let’s get something straight, it’s not often that Tristan doesn’t wake up with a raging hard-on and a lust for Alexander’s throbbing cock. He moves the sheets down and begins jerking off his boyfriend after subtle touches and strokes on his cock, balls and nipples. Alexander wakes up and begins to immediately kiss and get lost in Tristan’s eyes. The two of them make out and turn each other on significantly … see what happens next below!

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