Sean Cody: Brooks and Ryan: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

“Holy shit!” Ryan said with a look of amazement. “Holy shit!”. Sean Cody just laughed. He knew exactly what he was trying to say. “Wow,” he said. “That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!” … He had been hot tubbing with Brooks on a rainy, misty afternoon. It was really romantic, but all Ryan could focus on was Brooks’ huge cock! “I just cannot wait to sit on that thing …” he said. Brooks was also excited. “He’s got a really nice arse!” he said. “This is going to be fun!”

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Sean Cody: Peter and Troy: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

It had been a few months since Sean Cody had seen Peter. but he was back again and he was excited and he’d put on some more muscle. “You’re bigger than you were the last time I saw you,” Sean commented. “Yeah, I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard!” … “Well, I think today is going to be a lot of fun,” Sean said. “Have you seen Troy’s hairy arse yet?” … “I have!” Peter replied “I like it! He’s a really good looking guy!” … Troy, however, hadn’t seen Peter’s cock, and he was curious … “You are in for a treat!” Sean told him cheekily …

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Sean Cody: Brent and Brandon: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Brent had his cowboy boots on. A big smile was plastered across his face … “Oh, someone’s seen Brandon!” said Sean Cody. “Yes!” he said. “I saw him outside. He’s so hot!” They hadn’t met each other officially yet, so when Brandon came in he gave Brent a big hug. Brandon was very nurturing toward Brent. He smiled and laughed and did everything he could to make the situation comfortable. It wasn’t necessary, though. Sean had guessed that Brent is a bottom and he was right!

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Sean Cody: Zack and Jordan: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

“ I’ve been looking forward to this,” Zack said. “It felt really good last time. I really wanted to do it again!” There was only thing he was worried about. “Well, last time …” he said hesitantly. “I kept feeling like I was going to cum.” “That’s normal” Sean Cody explained, “… some guys have more sensitive prostates than others …” … Zack seemed relieved. “Just relax and let go. Enjoy yourself!” Sean advised. Jordan was also there to lend support. “ I’ll take it easy on you,” he said. “… At first!”

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