Sean Cody: Jayce and Manny: Bareback

Jayce and Manny are finally back at the Sean Cody studio to shoot their first scene in months. They discuss their home workout routines while their gyms were closed, and even pull up their shirts to compete in an ab-off. Jayce says, “I haven’t had any sex lately. I’m looking forward to fucking this guy.” Manny laughs. “Who said you were fucking me? We haven’t flipped for it yet!” But Jayce has been waiting months to top again, and today is the day! These vers cuties suck each other’s cocks before Jayce pounds Manny’s arse doggy-style, then gives it to him till they both cum at once.

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Sean Cody: Josh and Brayden: Bareback

Josh is cooking up a delicious breakfast in the Sean Cody kitchen, while in the bedroom, Brayden is getting hungry … and horny. Josh stimulates Brayden’s appetite by filling his mouth with some whipped cream, and then Brayden stimulates his cook by filling his mouth with Josh’s cock. “It’s the least I can do to thank you for making breakfast, right?” Brayden flirts. “This is a better breakfast anyway,” Josh replies, moaning as Brayden sucks him, then squirts cream all over the bottom’s hole and licks it off. Brayden begs for that dick so, after adding some more luscious cream, Josh penetrates him doggy-style.

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Sean Cody: Robbie and Josh: Bareback

Buff Josh jumps rope and Robbie does some bicep curls at the beach before they shuck off their shirts and take a stroll by the water’s edge. Josh even picks Robbie up for a piggy-back ride, hinting at the fact that Robbie will be riding him again soon! Back at the Sean Cody studio, Josh sucks Robbie’s huge cock, and Robbie moans, “This cock is so hard for you right now.” “Oh, it goes so deep,” says Josh as Robbie penetrates him in missionary, then Robbie orders Josh to get on top and take a ride of his own. That big cock makes Josh cum hard and Robbie treats him to a facial.

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