Sean Cody: Robert and Dean: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

As you can easily see, Sean Cody models Robert and Dean both have really nice bodies … so seeing them play around together outside and shirtless is a treat in itself. Dean was especially enthused. “As soon as I saw him take his shirt off, I just couldn’t wait to get his pants off!” Robert was showing Dean how to play horseshoe, and truth be told, it wasn’t the easiest game. “You know, I do hope that there’s one thing harder than this game today.” Dean smirked, alluding to the pun intended! Even though he lost, Dean found something to be positive about. “Well, I lost the game of horseshoe, so I was destined to bottom today …” Robert was really into Dean and it showed while he was rimming his arse and fucking it raw, nice and deeply. By the end of it all, Dean was covered in cum yet again. He wasn’t complaining though, and neither was Robert!

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Sean Cody: Philip and Kellin

Category : Sean Cody

Philip is back at the Sean Cody studios and Kellin is there to break him in! The guys played some soccer to break the ice, but didn’t really need to – they got along right from the get-go, as if they’ve been friends for ages. “I think we both love playing with balls … soccer balls, you know?” Kellin smirked. Philip was admiring Kellin’s body, and couldn’t wait to get his arse pounded raw. Kellin showed the newbie how things get done around there, and Philip just submitted to the pain and the pleasure of it all!

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Sean Cody: Scott and Tanner: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

The hairy and masculine Scott is over at Sean Cody this week fucking the handsome hottie Tanner … bareback! The guys start off by showing off their gorgeous behinds, and then Tanner sucks Scott’s cock until it is nice and hard …. and then everything is ready of the arsehole pounding to begin! Check it out … very raunchy stuff!

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Sean Cody: Landon and Sean

Category : Sean Cody

Landon and Sean were eager to get down to the fucking in this bareback scene from Sean Cody. But the cameraman had other ideas, and made the guys play with each other’s hard cock and balls for a bit first! Then they were allowed to go for it, and Sean was down for it immediately … he took Landon’s dick like a champ. Sean may be straight, but his bottoming skills are really quite amazing!

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