Drill My Hole: Ryan Bones and Charly Willinsky: Fuck the Apocalypse

Wandering through the forest of the post-apocalyptic landscape, sub Charly Willinsky has gone days without food, shelter … or cock. He spots a house and cautiously approaches, but inside he finds it’s occupied by Drill My Hole model Ryan Bones, a muscular top. Charly is surprised to turn on the TV and find it playing porn, and while he’s distracted, Ryan sneaks up on him and tells him to leave. Charly begs the sexy top to let him stay, offering to help slake his hunger for fucking. Ryan fucks Charly’s arse with a dildo, then feeds him his cock before the bottom sits on his dick. They fuck doggy-style on the floor, and Charly rides Ryan, then takes a deep missionary pounding till he cums. Charly hungrily laps up Ryan’s cum as the top gives him a facial. Ryan will let him stay after all!

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