Freshmen: Yannis Paluan and Oscar Scholz

Freshmen model Yannis Paluan and Oscar Scholz have one condition before they try the new sofa for the first time: they want to build it. Once the sofa is finished, the two lads do not hesitate for a single minute and lay down on it and start kissing. Both possess nice thick cocks which are soon filling each other’s mouths. Yannis loves a good blowjob but there is another hole he would rather have filled. After offering his arse to Oscar, he gets a nice rim-job before being penetrated. As Oscar fucks Yannis‘ hole with his juicy dick, he brings them both closer and closer to climax. Yannis cums first but is quickly followed by Oscar’s creamy load all over his hole. Both guys look forward to ordering another new sofa soon.

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Freshmen: Pierce Harrington and Riff Dornan

Besides being a professional athlete, which certainly helps keep him in perfect shape, Freshmen model Pierce Harrington is also an attentive lover. This morning, he wakes up early to prepare breakfast for Riff Dornan. Riff joins Pierce in the kitchen and sees all the delicious food, but all he can focus on is the sexy cook in the jockstrap. Pierce quickly understands that there is a more important matter to take care of. Riff’s dick soon hardens in Pierce’s mouth and, after a very deep blowjob, Pierce offers his butt to be fucked. Riff rapidly undresses his partner, slides his cock inside and fucks him from behind. Before moving on to the next position, Pierce loses his jockstrap and is satisfied with a return blowjob before being penetrated again. Pierce is rewarded for his morning efforts with a big creamy load on his butt.

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Freshmen: Oscar Scholz and Tim Moffie and Ayden Mallory

After their recent encounter, Freshmen models Tim Moffie and Oscar Scholz jump in the shower but it’s just a brief interlude. As soon as they step out, Ayden Mallory walks in as Oscar’s surprise for Tim, and the action can begin again. Oscar and Tim are always happy to spice up their sex life and ready to take care of Ayden’s needs. They take turns kissing, sucking and rimming his arse until he is ready for penetration. Ayden’s mouth and arse are constantly filled with both cocks as he gets closer and closer to climax. But the other boys get there first; Oscar cumming all over his butt and Tim on his face. Finally, Ayden is ready to shoot a nice load for the boys to share whilst kissing.

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