Debt Dandy: Drunk Driver Needs Cash Fast

Drinking and driving is a very stupid thing to do. Today the Debt Dandy met with a guy who had just done both, and tho he didn’t get caught by the police, something even worse happened to him. He and his friend crashed into a very expensive car that was driven by an angry Russian guy accompanied by his friends. The deal was as follows: no police, 50,000 Crowns from each as compensation. Naturally his insurance Company wouldn’t pay anything to a drunk driver so the poor lad had to scrape every single Crown he had. And even then he was 22,000 Crowns short. Apparently, the angry Russian was not a guy you would like to mess with … and the lad was naturally scared, which made things very easy indeed for the dirty-minded cameraman! The guy was willing do anything to solve his monetary problems … in fact, they even had time to try his girlfriend’s vibrators!

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