Czech Hunter: Camping Buddies Go Gay

Category : Czech Hunter

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to hunt some cute “campers”. He was surprised to see that most guys staying in the local camping ground were in their early 30’s. But after a while he noticed a small group of handsome lads playing and swimming. When one of them left the others while he went for a piss and the cameraman followed him. He was obviously shocked to see him filming him pissing. Maybe he thought that he was a pervert. Well, that is certainly correct! Anyway … our intrepid cameraman offered him good money for a blow-job. He hesitated at first, but finally agreed. In the end they went back together to the tent where he lads buddies now were … and they all had a group sex session .. bareback!

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Active Duty: Bryce and Marty: Flip Flop Bareback Fuck

Category : Active Duty

In this hot flip flop scene from Active Duty, the fully clothed guys start out with a really heated make-out session that involves kissing, taking clothes off and even oral … not bad for two straight guys! From there, Marty gets on his knees and we get a good view of his adorable bottom. Bryce must like it too, as he works in a finger or two as he examines it before plunging his huge bare pole into it! Bryce pounds Marty as he grunts and groans until Bryce pulls out and shoots a huge load all over Marty’s crack. Next, it’s Marty’s turn and he gets to give it like he got it, raw, back to Bryce!

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Czech Hunter: Fucking At A Drunken Party

Category : Czech Hunter

The plan was simple: A friend of the Czech Hunter cameraman, named Honza, was invited to a party. He wanted the cameraman to come with him as one of the boys there was gay. And the other boys were all quite broke. He was sure that together they could have some fun. When they arrived five people were there. They must have started early with drinking because one guy had already passed out. So Honza started to offer money to the boys to strip their sleeping friend and write something on his ass. Later he persuaded another guy to give him a blow job in the restroom. Unfortunately they were quickly discovered; but, at least this was a good opportunity to speak more openly and offer an incredible amount of money to the boys for the opportunity to fuck them bareback on film … two said “no” … but one agreed!

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ChaosMen: Curtis and Darius and Vander: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Curtis … Darius … Vander … three straight ChaosMen models … Raw Tag Teaming … what can you say about these three straight hunks when they get together and fuck each other … RAW … no condoms …. bareback … it’s amazing the positions these guys get themselves into … check it out below!

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