Debt Dandy: The Tough Guy Gets His Raw Butt Fucked

Category : Debt Dandy

The Debt Dandy met a real tough guy this week. Tattoos, wrist-bends, baseball cap, you get the picture. Not really smart with money either. Two personal loans and a mortgage; 32 000 krona in debt in total. He kept promising to pay it back as soon as possible if our cameraman would help him out. But everyone knows guys like him can’t be taken seriously. Our cameraman laid down the rules … and after some initial objections, he agreed to become a gay sex toy for the next couple of hours. Just check out below what he was prepared to do for some fast cash!

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SpunkWorthy: Hugh and Tory: Bareback

Category : SpunkWorthy

After his recent massage video at SpunkWorthy, when he tried a couple dildos in his hole, Tory said he wanted to try the real thing next. The camera crew had just the guy in mind for him: Hugh. He’s got a thick dick and they had a feeling he’d jump in there and fuck Tory like a jackrabbit … and he did … bareback too!

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Czech Hunter: Fucking The Straight Lad From The Park

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman saw a young man who was sitting on a park bench … he was quite naive and appeared to be quite shy. He was able to talk him into a well-paid blow-job. But although he tried his very best – he wouldn’t agree to do anything more. Ho Hum. So the cameraman went on to another park and there he met another hot young lad. He seemed straight and said he liked to go to theatre and was really not at all talkative. When he seduced him with cash and got his to follow him to a hotel and to give him a blow-job and allow his raw arsehole to get fucked … and all the while he turned out to be 200% straight! … Money talks!

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Debt Dandy: Drunk Driver Needs Cash Fast

Category : Debt Dandy

Drinking and driving is a very stupid thing to do. Today the Debt Dandy met with a guy who had just done both, and tho he didn’t get caught by the police, something even worse happened to him. He and his friend crashed into a very expensive car that was driven by an angry Russian guy accompanied by his friends. The deal was as follows: no police, 50,000 Crowns from each as compensation. Naturally his insurance Company wouldn’t pay anything to a drunk driver so the poor lad had to scrape every single Crown he had. And even then he was 22,000 Crowns short. Apparently, the angry Russian was not a guy you would like to mess with … and the lad was naturally scared, which made things very easy indeed for the dirty-minded cameraman! The guy was willing do anything to solve his monetary problems … in fact, they even had time to try his girlfriend’s vibrators!

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