Czech Hunter: At The Solarium

The Czech Hunter cameraman was on the way to the local shopping centre when he noticed a young guy who looked a little bit sad. When he approached he wasn´t really friendly in the beginning. He asked him if he knew of porn sites on the internet where girls get offered money for showing their body. His mood turned and he was suddenly much more friendly, especially when he was offered him 1,000 crowns just for showing his bare chest. Well, of course in the middle of the street he assured the cameraman that he would never show his dick to a camera. Just half an hour later they went together to a nearby solarium. It was just too cold to strip naked outside. The girl in the solarium was suspicious about the cam. And she was right … strange things were about to happen in their room.

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Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Subway

The Czech Hunter cameraman was near his the local subway and saw a young guy buying some food. It was a very hot day so he didn’t have too many clothes on … just shorts and a tee. It’s summer holidays in the Czech Republic, so that’s why this young student was so willing to chat. He had almost too much time on his hands and was bored. He was a typical Czech student: lazy and broke. So, when our cameraman offered him money that would last for the rest of the holidays, he was more than willing to listen. Why bother going to work three times a week when you can earn much more just by doing some nasties with an friendly pervert with lots of cash?

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BelAmiOnline: Harris Hilton and Julien Hussey: Condom Free

Nothing like a warm day in Cape Town to get Harris Hilton and Julien Hussey in the mood for a hot afternoon fuck! The boys quickly find their way to a bed and strip each other naked. Julien, being the big power bottom, goes right for the long uncut cock of Harris. Harris returns the favour but it’s the bubble ass of Julien he really wants to fuck. Watch as the condom free action unfolds at BelAmiOnline.

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Czech Hunter: A Cute Russian Lad Strips In The Snow

Finally it has been snowing over the last couple of days in Prague. So the Czech Hunter cameraman went out to find somebody to play some crazy games with him. He met a guy with a strange accent … he was visiting from Russia. A small guy. But like many Russians he agreed to do something stupid in the snow to show the strength of his body. Our cameraman offered him 3.000 crowns to undress and jump into the snow buck naked. As you might imagine he was almost freezing afterwards. So our cameraman invited him to go to a little local hotel to warm up. There he could get a hot shower and the possibility to make even more money … he agreed, and as you can see in the pics below, he made lots of cash!

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