Czech Hunter: The Lad from The Christmas Markets

Category : Czech Hunter

It’s that time of year again and the Czech Hunter cameraman went to check out the Christmas markets … lots of cuties roaming around there! He went after the first lad he saw, and although he looked bit shocked when he first approached him, he was soon all smiling, communicative and relaxed. Once he said that he didn’t have enough cash for his Christmas shopping, our cameraman naturally made him an offer he couldn’t refuse … check out what happened later in the hotel room they rented for a couple of hours!

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Sean Cody: David and Tanner and Bryce and Andy and Coleman and Noel: Bareback Mountain Getaway

Category : Sean Cody

Six seriously hot (and all versatile) hunks get together at the Sean Cody Mountain Getaway cabin for some winter fun and bareback sex. Check it out … David gets fucked by Coleman, Tanner gets fucked by Noel, Bryce gets fucked by Andy … then they flip flop and they all get fucked by their respective partners … all bareback! Then it all finishes off with Bryce getting gang-banged by the other guys and a happy, but exhausted group of guys, cum all over him!

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FraternityX: Worked Out Hole

Category : FraternityX

Jansen got really drunk last weekend and started talking shit about some of the seniors. So Andy grabbed him by his pretty blond hair and dragged him off the sofa. Some of the other FraternityX guys held him down while Andy shaved his head, then put his hot tight arse on the bench press and prepared it for a good fucking. Sucking and licking the hole, till it was all wet and warm inside. It was ready for a hard fucking. Andy’s big fat cock fucked that bad attitude right out of him. Then Morgan’s long beautiful piece of meat took its turn. Hopefully Jansen learned his lesson … but perhaps not!

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Czech Hunter: The Blonde Lad At The Park

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman is gay, and he’s most definitely into straight lads. And yes, he like blondes more … maybe because he is blond himself. The lad he met at the local park today is blond and … well … so far so good. But is he straight? Who knows, maybe he’s just open minded … as it was really easy to get him to show off, jerk and suck. And you will love it when he’s moaning and screaming while getting his little virgin hole fucked raw!

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