Bentley Race: Chris Finch and Brian York

Category : Bentley Race

After Bentley Race met Texan mates Chris Finch and his red headed mate Brian York in Austin last month it made sense to ask them back for a duo scene. Ben really wanted to see these best mates getting each other off … and they were really keen to do it too! So they all met back at Ben’s hotel for an afternoon of hot raw fucking action.

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Czech Hunter: Park Pick Up: Pt 2

Category : Czech Hunter

Less than 500 meters away from the home of the Czech Hunter is a wonderful park. It’s a perfect place to find boys. In winter and now in summer even more. He has found that it is a good idea to try to buy their undies. If they agree he at least has them naked on my cam. And sometimes they are willing to go further. Today was his lucky day. Well, one boy insulted him when he approached him, but the second one sold his undies. He was so cute. What a pity that he didn’t have time to show more of his body. But finally he found the right boy. Sitting on a park bank. He was so naive and shy. But he couldn’t resist the offer. Yes, he was rather expensive. But 100% worth every crown needed to be spent.

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Czech Hunter: Local Tourist Gets Fucked

Category : Czech Hunter

As the Czech Hunter cameraman “cruised” the tourist centre of Prague, he saw this nice lad. And he was Czech. Well, the cameraman just started to play his little game with him when a group of girls and boys approached and asked if he was the “Fast money” guy. The boys looked like they would have been interested, but as their girlfriends have been there … well. Anyway. This was a little bit embarrassing for the cutie which he had stopped before. Now the people around all knew what he just agreed to do. And he did it. They took a cab to a local by-the-hour-hotel round the corner and did what cums naturally when money and sex are involved!

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Sean Cody: Marshall and Grayson: Bareback: Pt 1

Category : Sean Cody

Marshall was carrying some stress from a busy week, and he was happy that Grayson offered to give him a massage. “You have a flawless body,” Grayson said, unable to keep his hands off Marshall. He was literally exploring every nook and cranny! “Shhhh … go back to rubbing my back,” Marshall winked at him, smiling and pulling his hands back on his bare skin. Grayson was chomping at the bit, until he saw Marshall’s dick for the first time. “Wow! I’m having second thoughts about being a bottom! That thing is HUGE!” “Yeah, it has its own heartbeat!” Marshall replied. He loved the attention! From that point on it was almost impossible to get Grayson to do anything but play with Marshall’s cock. “It’s huge,” Grayson said. “It’s like my own personal play toy. I can slap it, wear it like a watch, bounce things off it, it’s fucking ridiculous!” Once they started fucking though, Grayson just focused on that huge cock penetrating his hole. “How does it feel now that you’ve ridden it?” Sean Cody asked. He took a deep breath and said, “It feels sooooo fucking good!” “Biggest cock you’ve ever had in you?” … “By a fucking mile!” … check back tomorrow for Part 2.

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