Spritzz: Dom Ully and Danny Torro

It was a good game, now it’s time for a little celebration in the Spritzz locker room. Dom was preparing to enjoy a little wank, but when blond lad Danny catches him toying with the boner tenting his football shorts, he’s eager to lend a mouth, and a raw fuck hole! After sucking on that solid footballer dick, he gets his own pale uncut shaft out for the lad to slurp and service, but it’s the feel of raw locker room cock up his hole that player Dom really craves. Danny slides his naked length into the inked lad’s pucker, filling him up and fucking him raw right there on the bench, taking it to the floor for an awesome ride and finishing up with a cum-loaded score as both boners spew lashings of hot cream. It’s a good thing the rest of the team didn’t catch them, Dom would probably have taken all those dicks!

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