Spritzz: Lior Hod and Gregor d’Arc

It’s a beautiful town, but although the surroundings could keep them busy for hours these sexy young tourists can’t wait to get their rented apartment to share their hard, young erections! The moment they arrive handsome Spritzz model Lior Hod is making out with gorgeous little Gregor d’Arc on the couch and quickly stripping naked, their urgent dicks slipping between each other’s lips. Lior’s long shaft is almost drooling precum by the time he’s taking aim at his lover’s tight little pucker, his wet tip slipping into his eager hole, soon followed by his throbbing inches as Lior slides deeper.

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Freshmen: Allan Aimee and Nate Donaghy

Freshmen decided to pair Allan Aimee with one of their wild boys, Nate Donaghy. This scene was filmed last winter during one of Prague’s coldest days. The scene starts off with Allan freezing his butt off while waiting outside on a park bench and so when Nate brings him inside, he quickly sets out to make his frigid friend as warm as possible, taking off his clothes so that he may apply some body heat. After unwrapping his “present” Nate decides that Allan’s dick and arse need some extra special attention!

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BelAmiOnline: Antony Lorca and Ryan McKenna

One thing must be said about BelAmiOnline model Antony Lorca, and that is that he is a real smooth operator and is able to charm his way into anyone’s pants in a matter of minutes. It helps here though that Ryan McKenna is not offering up any resistance, but instead probably wants it even more than Antony. Antony as usual excels in his role of top, with Ryan spreading his legs wide to allow for the deepest possible penetration. When he can’t hold on any longer, Antony delivers a huge creamy load onto his mate’s arse before slowly massaging it back inside with his still hard uncut cock.

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