Butch Dixon: Aitor Bravo and Craig Daniel: Bareback Flip Fuck

With real raw passion and plenty of bodily fluids flowing these two oversexed spunk-luvers were at it like pistons. Handsome Guapolindo – Aitor Bravo was begging for the whole length of Craig’s uncut cock inside him, right up to the bollocks – and he got it too! Craig is a connoisseur of men, and handpicked this hunk from the Butch Dixon stable of hot masculine men for his own sexual pleasure, and it shows – these guys are really into each other … from the wet, slurpy blow-jobs, the deep arsehole rimming, right down to the raw anal sex and breeding they give to each other!

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Drill My Hole: Jason Vario and Shane Amari: A Modern Massage

Dedicated masseur and Drill My Hole model Jason Vario takes every precaution to keep his clients safe, wearing a face shield and gloves as he sterilizes his table before inviting Shane Amari to lie down. Shane isn’t jazzed about wearing a face mask, but he’s really excited for some human contact after months of waiting for a massage. Jason oils up Shane’s back and gives him a sensual rubdown, moving his strong hands lower to work Shane’s arse and slide a finger inside. Shane makes a hole in his mask so he can suck Jason’s cock without even taking it off, then the strong top penetrates him missionary. Shane rides Jason and strokes his dick till he cums on the masseur’s face shield, then Jason fucks him doggy-style and gives him a creampie.

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UK Naked Men: Ivo Kerk and Ted Glen

Wow, get an eyeful these hot studs, a welcome return to UK Naked Men to the stunning, strapping Ivo Kerk, with arms like legs and a cock that just won’t quit, and a very warm welcome to newcomer, fresh off the bus – Ted Glen, over-sexed and eager to please. The men strip down and make a meal of each other’s juicy pipes and hot holes. It’s pretty clear who’s gonna get nailed here, the luscious young Ted is offering it all up. And Ivo is in like Flynn, throat fucking his hot sub and pounding those sweet smooth cheeks for all he’s worth. Ted takes it like man pushing back, gripping the tight cock head with his muscle butt and pushing the foreskin back, its membrane to membrane here these guys could not be any closer – almost spiritual! but let’s not get swept away, its hot, bareback, man-on-man fuckery, sit back unzip … and enjoy!

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