Sean Cody: Brandon and Pierce: Unwrapped: Part 2

“Fuck, he’s perfect!” exclaimed Pierce … Brandon was off doing something else (probably eating something) and Sean Cody was keeping Pierce company. The guys had had a chance to get to know each other and Pierce was definitely impressed with Brandon. “I know,” Sean Cody agreed. “Quite the body, huh?” So hot ex-Marine Pierce was going to get fucked by muscle stud Brandon. Pierce was excited about that … but there was also another reason he was excited … they weren’t going to use condoms. In a complete turn-about for the Sean Cody team … this was something totally new. But both of the guys had been through a strict testing protocol. So when the time finally arrived … and Brandon’s naked cock went into Pierce’s hole … everyone agreed it was the hottest thing they’d all ever seen! “It was awesome,” Pierce said afterward. “There was no friction at all… I could really feel him inside me!”

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