Sean Cody: Grant and Ashton: Bareback

“ I’m pretty tight,” Grant said reluctantly. “I haven’t been fucked that much so I’m still pretty tight.” … Ashton’s eyes got big. “Wow,” he said. “This should be interesting!” … Grant just kind of laughed nervously. Sean Cody loved how subtle he was! “Anything else I should know?” Ashton asked. “Well,” Grant replied. “My nipples are really sensitive. I mean, you can make me cum by playing with my nipples!”. Sean thought in reality that Ashton was kind of excited about the idea of breaking in a newbie. He was very gentle with him at first. “Oh, fuck!” Grant said as Ashton slid his raw dick in for the first time. “It’s big!” … It was true … Grant was pretty tight and it took a few minutes for him to adjust. Ashton has a pretty big dick but once Grant loosened up Ashton pounded him harder and harder!

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Sean Cody: Deacon and Bentley and Kurt: Bareback

What do these three Sean Cody hunks want for Christmas? As they open presents by the Christmas tree and toast to Bentley’s first scene, Deacon says, “I really want an amazing three-way. Again.” Newbie Bentley adds, “I just want the sex scene to be awesome.” And Kurt? “Maybe getting manhandled, maybe a creampie … not sure which one.” If Kurt’s been very good this year, he might just get both! The guys change into their new holiday onesies, taking their boners out, and Deacon pops open Kurt’s butt flap to eat his arse as the bottom sucks Bentley’s cock. It’s time for Kurt to get manhandled as Bentley fucks him mish while Deacon gives Bentley’s arse some attention. After the guys suck each other till they cum, Bentley fucks Kurt while getting pounded by Deacon, and then Kurt asks for both cocks inside him at once, taking every inch in a super-hot DP. It seems like everyone’s Christmas wishes are cumming true!

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