Freshmen: Eluan Jeunet and Ashton Montana and Tom Houston

As Production Manager for their Budapest Adventure series, Freshmen model Eluan Jeunet gets first dibs at all the new guys as they come along. At least that’s Eluan’s interpretation of his role. Two of those new guys, Ashton Montana and Tom Houston, are finishing a dual photo-session and enjoying a quick shower together. Eluan’s intention was to pick up the boys, drive them home and then catch up on his paperwork. However, the joint photo-session and shower has left both of our newbies very horny and too much for poor Eluan to resist. The sex here is hot and sweaty with Tom first fucking Eluan before swapping holes to give Ashton a serious pounding. Once Ashton is loosened up sufficiently, Tom tags out to allow Eluan to satisfy Ashton’s need for a good fucking.

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