FraternityX: Ride That Cock

Everyone in the FraternityX house can fuck Jake whenever they want. His ass is a free for all. Last week Cody and a few other guys ended up tag teaming him in the downstairs bedroom. Everyone had a lot fun face fucking him and even more fun letting him ride their raw cocks. It doesn’t matter how much cock Jake gets … it’s just never enough!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad Outside The Sports Hall

The Czech Hunter rented a nice apartment with a big balcony and a wonderful view over Prague. All he needed now was a lad willing to perform on it. About 500 meters from there was a sports hall. He decided to stroll down to see the local lads training, but was a little bit late and when he passed by the training already seemed to be over. Just two boys were still waiting and smoking in front of the building. One of them looked quite cute with his long hair. He asked him to do a short interview in front of the cam and he agreed. He was unemployed and needed every bit of cash offered to m. He stripped right there and sold his undies. Then they went together to the legendary park where the cameraman was able to persuade him for a blow-job. What happened next? … Well, remember the apartment balcony … ?

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BelAmiOnline: Paul Mekas and Julien Hussey

Today is a classic combination of archetypes: Big Dick Power Top Meets Bubble Butt Power Bottom! Paul Mekas joined the BelAmiOnline team last year and has been working his way through all the bubble butted bottoms ever since. It was only a matter of time before he fucked Julien Hussey’s sweet ass. Don’t miss a moment of the action with Paul and Julien in this condom free scene.

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Active Duty: First Timer Roy Bottoms Bareback For Tim

In this new release scene from Active Duty we meet cute new recruit Roy who is about to bottom for the first time … and bareback too … for the hot and shredded Tim! The guys may start out pretty nervous, but before long Tim is slipping his bare rod deep inside Roy for a nice long ride. Roy does a great job for a first timer, and we even learn that the film crew actually gave him a toy to practice with at home!

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