FraternityX: Fuck and Chuck

The FraternityX guys woke up last Tuesday to find that Grant had drank all the booze. Carter wanted to teach this punk kid a lesson. So three frat bros pounded both holes all morning long … then they dumped their hot loads right into his tight raw college boy hole!

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BelAmiOnline: Kris Evans and Marcel Gassion

Today BelAmiOnline kick off a month of romance and special night scenes in honour of Valentines Day. In this episode Marcel Gassion is partnered with superstar Kris Evans in the first of their night scenes. Filming at night gives the crew a chance to play with lighting that they are not afforded during day time shoots, and the results can be softer and more romantic. Watch as the sparks fly, not to mention the cum, in this condom-free scene!

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FraternityX: Wake and Fuck

A couple of the FraternityX guys were taking turns fucking the new bitch’s arsehole, all night long! A cock in his mouth, another in his arse, 24/7. Eventually one of the guys passed out on the couch, but the other was still horny and the slutty bitch kept yelling “More Dick, More Dick”. This of course woke up the rest of the Frat Bros, and he got his wish … this bitch sure is a cum hungry slut!

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BelAmiOnline: Rick Lautner and Tim Campbell: Condom Free

Both Tim and Rick are completely versatile guys sexually. The romance and passion between them in this video from BelAmiOnline starts from the beginning when a foot massage turns into something much more, quite quickly! The romantic set of the scene soon turns into hot and wild bareback fucking! Rick fucks Tim in every possible way and then shoots a giant load all over Tim’s back. Tim follows fast and gives Rick a generous facial in return!

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