Sean Cody: Rowan and Jayden: Bareback

When Jayden found out that he was going to top Rowan at Sean Cody this week, he was pretty excited … but what made it even more enticing was when he found out that this was going to be Rowan’s first time bottoming too! Rowan, of course being the natural top that he is, was understandably nervous … “My eyes are twitching and my heart is beating really fast!” he said. Jayden then felt his chest to see if there was any truth to this … but Rowan likes to play around apparently, because his heart beat was perfectly normal. “We’ll make some noise” Rowan said. “Let’s get to it.” When he was totally worn out by Jayden’s pounding, the now very sweaty Rowan seemed to have really enjoyed himself! “So, you can be a bottom now?” He quickly responded, “Well, I’m now gonna be a versatile performer! But I think I did pull off being bottom pretty well … pretty damn well in fact!”

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Debt Dandy: Drunk Driver Needs Cash Fast

Drinking and driving is a very stupid thing to do. Today the Debt Dandy met with a guy who had just done both, and tho he didn’t get caught by the police, something even worse happened to him. He and his friend crashed into a very expensive car that was driven by an angry Russian guy accompanied by his friends. The deal was as follows: no police, 50,000 Crowns from each as compensation. Naturally his insurance Company wouldn’t pay anything to a drunk driver so the poor lad had to scrape every single Crown he had. And even then he was 22,000 Crowns short. Apparently, the angry Russian was not a guy you would like to mess with … and the lad was naturally scared, which made things very easy indeed for the dirty-minded cameraman! The guy was willing do anything to solve his monetary problems … in fact, they even had time to try his girlfriend’s vibrators!

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Cocksure Men: Dick Keissie Barebacks Arnold Veransk

Hot young stud Arnold Veransk walks out of a lake stark naked … nearby Cocksure Men model and muscle jock Dick Keissie is also naked and waiting for him, jerking on his uncut cock. As soon as they are together they start kissing passionately and then Arnold moves down to suck on Dick’s peter for a while before they move to a more private location to continue their sex escapade. They 69, with Dick on top, then Dick turns around and thrusts his butt into the air, ready for Arnold’s tongue. Arnold eats Dick’s hole like crazy. Then they lie down next to each other, spooning, and Dick barebacks Arnold tight arsehole from behind.

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Randy Blue: Kevin Falco and Antonio Deluca

Randy Blue models Kevin Falco and Antonio Deluca are out in the spa pool enjoying a relaxing afternoon. Things start to heat up as they check each other out and before long their bathing suits are off, their uncut cocks are hard and they are sucking each other off. They decide to move indoors where the handsome Antonio gets his raw arse fucked by Kevin’s rock-hard dick!

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