BelAmiOnline: Yuri Alpatow and Florian Nemec: Bareback

It’s the calm after the storm over at BelAmiOnline this week! Florian is an active, restless and provocative young man who occasionally gets into some trouble, although never anything too serious. What he does take seriously is his role as a Top! In this new scene we get to see how Florian seduces the shy guy Yuri Alpatow. Florian’s task isn’t easy as he’s got a huge uncut tool. But as the saying goes, shy boys are freaks in bed!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Bus Stop

Powered up after a gym session, the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to go right to his favourite bus stop. A usual spot for his naughty filming activities, and one with regular success. After a few minutes he found a nice hunk was just waiting for his bus, so they started talking. The guy was nice and friendly, very open minded guy with a beautiful smile. Fortunately enough, his girlfriend was away, and after a short talk, he was willing to show his dick … right there, at the bus stop. Naturally our cameraman offered him some cash for a BJ and maybe more? … check it out, some nice bareback action ahead!

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Boys Halfway House: Jonah: Disrespectful Bastard Gets Barebacked

Jonah is such a disrespectful little prick that the Managers at the Boys Halfway House decided from Day One to make his life a living hell for the duration of his stay. Guys like Jonah have a tough exterior that just has to be broken down completely, and that means being on his behind 100% of the time for any and every reason. The day his cherry got wrecked and swollen was a bad day for everyone – several guys were in need of some serious attitude corrections. Jonah, however, was first. Check out below what happened … poor guy got totally wrecked … all bareback too!

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BelAmiOnline: Tony Conrad and Tim Campbell

Tony Conrad and Tim Campbell are both very energetic lads and they both like to bottom. Today at BelAmiOnline it is Tony that takes his turn getting his butt fucked and he really does know how to satisfy another hot guy. When he is fucked by Tim in doggy style you can easily see how deep he really likes it!

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