Czech Hunter: The Train Station: Pt 2

The Czech Hunter likes to look out for young guys at the Train Station to film. Last time he was there he saw a tall guy leaving the train. He stopped him but when he turned around he was a little bit taken aback, as the guy looked like a hooligan or a skinhead. So he was very careful starting his little pov film interview. He asked for his opinion about porn, and found out the guy was actually very open minded. And for 1.000 crowns he was able to persuade him to show off his bare chest in the shower cabins of the main station. Yes, they have showers there. Just another reason why he like the place … the privacy when he’s bareback fucking them!

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Sean Cody: Charles and Pavel: Bareback Flip Fuck

Charles is back after his recent solo for his first time ever fucking with another guy. Sean Cody decided to pair him up with the more experienced Pavel … and amazingly, it turns into a flip flop fuck … and all bareback too! It’s so hot to watch these two hot, masculine men getting fucked by each other’s rock hard cocks!

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Sketchy Sex: Closeted Big Dick

The guys in the Sketchy Sex frat  house had been fucking each others brains out all night. It was sometime the next early morning that they shot this vid. Eli was on a big dick cum hungry binge. Some closet case married dude with a ten inch cock posted online that he needed to get off and Eli invited him over. This guy had beautiful big dick and Eli couldn’t get enough of it – he took so many loads dude … it the arse and in the mouth!

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FraternityX: Tie The Bitch Up

During a little afternoon smoke-up session the FraternityX brothers decided to record some of their usual nonsense. Lately, Jake, a hot young dude who’s been hanging around the pad, has been a bit of a mooch and needs to earn his keep. They had to tie his ass up so he wouldn’t get away. It’s a good thing he’s got a crazy hot ass, cause this kid likes to squeal like a little bitch when he’s getting fucked raw!

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