Straight Fraternity: Gage and Joseph: Bareback Virgin

19yo Gage teaches 18yo Joseph a lesson at Straight Fraternity today. He fucks Joseph’s virgin hole … bareback … with his big dick, makes him cum, then shoots his own load all over Joseph’s leg.

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Broke Straight Boys: Vinnie Steele Fucks Spencer Todd: Bareback

Vinnie Steele and Spencer Todd sit next to each other on the bed in this update from Broke Straight Boys … their toes almost touching. The Red Rocket is getting fucked. This is the second time his pale booty has been explored (on film). Money is the motivation for both models … “I’m broke. As a joke,” Vinnie says … “That’s why I’m here,” he adds. Clothes are removed, Spencer has no underwear. “Well, you’re first. To suck,” Spencer says to Vinnie. The newbie hesitates, but does his duty. Slowly he gets the Red Rocket to lift-off. In the meantime Vinnie’s own tool is sticking out as he takes care of Spencer. Some one must be having fun! Before long tho, it’s time to fuck! Spencer gets on his hands and knees. Vinnie lubes up his raw rod. The Red Rocket slathers lube in his man pussy. Poor Spencer. He cries out the second Vinnie enters that tight hole. Although Vinnie is slow, and gives Spencer a chance to get used to his hole being filled, the Red Rocket can’t help but moan out loud!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Bus Stop

Powered up after a gym session, the Czech Hunter cameraman decided to go right to his favourite bus stop. A usual spot for his naughty filming activities, and one with regular success. After a few minutes he found a nice hunk was just waiting for his bus, so they started talking. The guy was nice and friendly, very open minded guy with a beautiful smile. Fortunately enough, his girlfriend was away, and after a short talk, he was willing to show his dick … right there, at the bus stop. Naturally our cameraman offered him some cash for a BJ and maybe more? … check it out, some nice bareback action ahead!

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Sketchy Sex: Ding-Dong – The Big Dicks Are Here

The Sketchy Sex crew got some great video of one of the guys getting a real good multiple fuck session here! Big dick after big dick walked in thru the front door, serviced that willing arsehole, came all over it, then left … next! All the lads lined up, hard dicks out and ready to go – dumping load after load in this bottom’s dumpster – and man, did they fill him up, with their cocks … and their cum!

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