Mormon Boyz: Elder Kensington: The Inspection

Naked except for a necktie, his balls freshly shaved, Elder Kensington lies on his back on the Mormon Boyz Bishop’s desk. He has been thoroughly examined and found to be in top physical and spiritual condition. He has been stripped, fondled, kissed, licked, and opened up with a series of dildos increasing in size, until his warm wet hole longs for the real thing … and no condoms either … just good old-fashioned bareback sex!

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ChaosMen: Cooper Reed and Lorenzo: Raw Flip Fuck

After seeing how sensual Lorenzo was, ChaosMen just knew they needed to put him with Cooper Reed! This is a very long video, because the two take their time toying, teasing, licking, sucking and fucking each other. If you are one of those viewers that just scrubs past the oral to the sex, you really should take some time and get into it with these guys! They are truly enjoying taking their time!

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Broke Straight Boys: Cage Kafig and Ryan Fields: Bareback

Broke Straight Boys model Cage Kafig doesn’t hold back as he spreads Ryan Fields legs wide open and fucks his raw arsehole, deep and hard! Watch as Cage makes the most of his own cum shot before helping to get Ryan off!

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Staxus: Ariel Glutton and Carl Ross

Carl Ross has a well-known mischievous side … which is clearly demonstrated here in the opening moments of this terrific set-piece from Staxus with fresh-faced buddy, Ariel Glutton. The guy should be getting some shut-eye, but sleep is most evidently the last thing on his mind right now; and he promptly turns his full attention to Glutton, who’s unconscious on the other side of the room. Not that the lad stays unconscious for very long, it has to be said. Before you know it, Ross has pulled back his room-mate’s sheets and is fondly feasting on the meaty, uncut shaft that he discovers beneath. Check out below what happens next!

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