Czech Hunter: The Tipsy Lad Outside The Train Station

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman had chosen the train-station in Smichov for his hunt. There were many nice young guys there – but all were in a hurry. Then he saw this young lad who seemed to be a bit tipsy. It was obvious from the way he walked. He was 21 and from a small town not far from Prague. He had come into the city for a party with friends. And he was on a budget of 500 CZK which his mother had given him. Well, it was an easy task to offer him much more than that amount for a quick hand job. In the end he agreed to give our cameraman a hand job for 3000 CZK and a few shooters upfront. When they arrived at the hotel our horny cameraman naturally talked him into a blowjob … but would he agree to get fucked? He did, but never in all his years filming this sort of stuff had our cameraman had someone in bed who screamed like this lad did when he was being fucked in the arse!

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William Higgins: Paul Hunter and Matej Borzik: Czech Up

Matej Borzik has come to the William Higgins doctor’s office for a check-up. It seems that he couldn’t get his uncut hard when having sex with his girlfriend recently. Dr Paul Hunter decides on a full examination and tells Matej to strip off, which he does, putting on a gown. Then Matej sits on the examination chair so that Paul can begin his work. Matej puts his legs into the stirrups and raises the robe for Paul to start checking him out. As Paul presses his fingers around Matej’s groin it seems that there is no pain, so he takes some oil and starts rubbing around Matej’s soft cock. It grows big and hard under his touch, with the balls tightening up nicely … no problems so far! Paul leans over and takes the cock in his mouth. He is an expert sucker and really works that dick well. Paul’s own cock gets stiff in his pants as he sucks and he moves up so that Matej can suck him off for a while too. Then Paul decides that he needs to check Matej’s arsehole as well and has his patient move onto his knees so that has easy access to finger Matej’s tight hole. That hole feels good to Paul and he decides his cock needs to check it out too. So he positions himself behind Matej and slides his throbbing raw cock deep inside!

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BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosca

The bright new star at BelAmiOnline, Kevin Warhol, was eagerly awaiting his chance at true porn super-stardom by playing opposite the legendary Lukas Ridgeston … only to find out that Jack Harrer had somehow outmanoeuvred him and landed the role for himself! Devastated by the news, Kevin stays at home while the other lads go off to have some fun, but luckily one remains behind to comfort him … that guy was the hunky young Gino Mosca. Check out all the hot bareback action below!

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Sean Cody: Tanner and Joey

This week Tanner bareback fucks Joey’s amazing bubble butt over at Sean Cody …check it out!

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