BelAmiOnline: Kevin Warhol and Todd Rosset and Andre Boleyn

Todd has been working for BelAmiOnline for over eight years, but last summer in South Africa, Andre and Kevin found Todd’s body and features undiminished by age. They also discovered what most of Todd’s fans already knew for quite sometime – he really loves to bottom! The lads have a bareback fuck fest together here today … hot!

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FraternityX: Party Foul 4

One morning recently over at the FraternityX house, Carter had hit the Vodka bottle pretty hard overnight. A couple of the other lads woke up with morning woody’s and found him passed out on the couch. Naturally, Grant and Kyle went at Carter’s hole for a good part of the morning, pounding and fucking his drunk raw arse. But Kyle wanted more, and grabbed Grant’s tight little college boy butt and started arse pounding that too! Both the guys serviced Kyle for a couple more hours, until they both dumped their loads in Carter’s hole. They knew the rule … you pass out – you get fucked!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad In The Park

Today the Czech Hunter was hot and horny for some twink action and started his hunt in and around a small park. It was market day so a lot of people were passing by. And there were a lot of nice young guys there as well. After a few more unsuccessful tries he finally met a very cute lad in a remote part of the park. He was sitting there alone and obviously trying to enjoy a nearby concert without paying for it. Well, he had been drinking a few beers and was most interested in the cameraman’s offers of $’s for sex and just half an hour later he lost his straight, and tight, arse-cherry!

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BelAmiOnline: Misha Akunin and Dylan Maguire

2014 has been proving to be a fantastic year for newcomers at BelAmiOnline and this recent video release is no different. Sexy bottom Misha Akunin gets the pleasure of breaking in … well, bottoming for … the big-dicked newbie Dylan Maguire. Dylan and Misha deliver a super passionate scene with Misha taking every inch of Dylan’s big cock … raw and condom-free … before pleasing his top by swallowing his load too!

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