BelAmiOnline: Billy Cotton and Boris Beckham: Condom Free

Billy Cotton is a real pro and loves to show off his skills to the other BelAmiOnline models. Boris Beckham is more than willing to use Billy’s athletic tattooed body and his nice dick for own his naughty pleasures. Even though this night scene is filmed in the cool evening hours, both guys manage to work up quite a sweat here with their enthusiastic love-making. Watch as Billy fucks Boris … condom free!

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ChaosMen: Palmer and Silas: RAW

After ChaosMen dropped Palmer at the airport after his recent solo/oral videos, and he had barely got settled through security, he texted to say he was ready to come back for more! Despite being straight, he was definitely going to throw himself into doing ‘more’ (ie gay-for-pay sex) with very little hesitation! Of course, he wanted to start off by topping another dude, but was down for sucking cock, though he said he likely wouldn’t be very good at it! And now he’s back and paired with Silas, who is now officially 30-years-old, and has been maintaining his body with total diligence and he looks amazing. Hard to believe he made his first appearance way back in 2007! He seems more comfortable with being Bi these days, though women seem to still to be his primary interest, but is not averse to getting fucked on camera … as he does here today!

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Broke Straight Boys: Kaden Alexander Fucks Tyler White: Raw

Kaden is full of energy over at Broke Straight Boys today and he’s dubbed Tyler as his protege … and he’s ready to teach him all the ins and outs of the gay-for-pay porn industry. Tyler seems fine with being under Kaden … both literally and figuratively! There’s plenty of suck sucking and hard and fast arse slapping here as Tyler struggles to take Kaden’s big raw dick up his tight little hole!

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Czech Hunter: The Guy With The Beer

The Czech Hunter cameraman was planning to have a few drinks together with a friend at one of his favourite restaurants next to the river when, by pure chance he noticed two guys sitting nearby … and one sure attracted his attention. Luckily he has his trusty camera with him and he decided, with his friend’s blessing, to approach the cutest one and see if he was willing to make some cash! He was … and even showed off his cock there and then … but what followed later in the bushes has to be seen to be believed!

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