Czech Hunter: Breaking In The New Cameraman

The usual Czech Hunter cameraman was busy last week and his time to give new cameraman Martin a chance to show his charm on the streets of Prague. Everyone was surprised that he even managed to get the “job” done, as he got almost beaten up when he tried to persuade the first lad he talked to, even tho the guy looked aggressive, by offering him just 1000 crowns to show his cock. But after a few unsuccessful tries he finally found his first straight “money-boy”. And what a cutie. Long hair, beautiful eyes and a mouth that wanted to get kissed. Unfortunately he was a bit arrogant. But only until he felt Martin’s dick in his raw virgin arse!

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Sean Cody: Abe and Brent: Bareback

Abe is such a big, muscular stud! He has amazing eyes and is certainly very good-looking. Sean Cody reckons he loves his deep voice and how he just immediately took charge with Brent! The body size difference of course is immediately obvious why it happened that way, yet there is an almost palpable passion between these two guys while they are fucking … bareback!

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ChaosMen: Chaz and Theon: RAW

Theon was ready to try bottoming for an entire video, and Chaz is such an awesome Top, that ChaosMen thought they would make a solid pairing. And they certainly did! Both guys have awesome builds, and they had a some muscle worship going on that really made the chemistry hot and horny! Theon seems to have very few limits, and he sure looks happy sucking dick, eating arse, and being fucked, of course!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad In The Park

Today the Czech Hunter was hot and horny for some twink action and started his hunt in and around a small park. It was market day so a lot of people were passing by. And there were a lot of nice young guys there as well. After a few more unsuccessful tries he finally met a very cute lad in a remote part of the park. He was sitting there alone and obviously trying to enjoy a nearby concert without paying for it. Well, he had been drinking a few beers and was most interested in the cameraman’s offers of $’s for sex and just half an hour later he lost his straight, and tight, arse-cherry!

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