ChaosMen: Cooper Reed and Kenneth: Raw

Kenneth is a new guy at ChaosMen who is trying to step his way through his str8-man’s limits. It seems like about half of the straight guys will opt to bottom their first time out, thinking they will not be able to stay hard to top. The other half, of course, thinks it will hurt or is too gay for them. But as Kenneth’s girl already knows her way around his arse, he was not nearly as worried about bottoming as most guys are. Cooper Reed was tapped to do the honours and, like many newbies, Kenneth was not ready to kiss, or suck dick back, but at least he was willing to take a raw uncut cock up his arse!

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Sean Cody: Scott and Tanner: Bareback

The hairy and masculine Scott is over at Sean Cody this week fucking the handsome hottie Tanner … bareback! The guys start off by showing off their gorgeous behinds, and then Tanner sucks Scott’s cock until it is nice and hard …. and then everything is ready of the arsehole pounding to begin! Check it out … very raunchy stuff!

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Cocksure Men: Paul Fresh Barebacks Marek Tanker

Muscle jocks Paul Fresh and Marek Tanker from Cocksure Men, both sporting their soccer uniforms, kiss and feel each other up … enjoying each other’s chiselled bodies. Marek takes his shorts off and Paul sucks Marek’s uncut dick while flexing his biceps. Then Marek takes his turn and face fucks his buddy. He wraps his lips around the hard cock while he strokes his own uncircumcised piece. Then Marek gets on all fours revealing his tight arsehole. Paul, entranced by the view, starts to smack and finger Marek’s hole. They kiss before Marek rides Paul’s cock … totally bareback.

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Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Subway

The Czech Hunter cameraman was near his the local subway and saw a young guy buying some food. It was a very hot day so he didn’t have too many clothes on … just shorts and a tee. It’s summer holidays in the Czech Republic, so that’s why this young student was so willing to chat. He had almost too much time on his hands and was bored. He was a typical Czech student: lazy and broke. So, when our cameraman offered him money that would last for the rest of the holidays, he was more than willing to listen. Why bother going to work three times a week when you can earn much more just by doing some nasties with an friendly pervert with lots of cash?

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