Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Train Station

The Czech Hunter cameraman was his normal horny self at the start of this hunt and he decided to try his luck at the nearest metro station, hoping to find today’s Mr. Right. It didn’t take long before he noticed a young guy rushing out of the station. Although he seemed to be in a hurry, he still started to talk to him. He found out that the lad was on his way home from a busy day at work and was tired. At first he wanted the camera to be switched off, but instead the cameraman offered him 500 CZK for a short interview and suddenly the camera didn’t seem to matter anymore! Long story short … he really needed some extra cash and was willing to take our cameraman home and find a way to make it … at first, on his knees, with an open mouth, and later getting his tight virginal hole fucked raw!

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ChaosMen: Alec and Bradley

Both Alec and Bradley are nicely hung and between the two of them, there’s about 16 inches of hard straight-man dick in this ChaosMen shoot! Alec is not shy about showing-off his cock, so the crew set them up to watch each other while they stroke their cocks. Both guys are very turned on. Bradley tells Alec to come suck his cock. Alec complies and dives in and manages to get a lot of Bradley’s uncut cock into his mouth. Then Bradley has Alec stand up, and then sets to work on getting Alec’s cock back up. After getting him solid, he moves onto to Alec’s arsehole, getting it slicked up for his big raw cock with his warm, wet tongue.

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FraternityX: Wake and Fuck

A couple of the FraternityX guys were taking turns fucking the new bitch’s arsehole, all night long! A cock in his mouth, another in his arse, 24/7. Eventually one of the guys passed out on the couch, but the other was still horny and the slutty bitch kept yelling “More Dick, More Dick”. This of course woke up the rest of the Frat Bros, and he got his wish … this bitch sure is a cum hungry slut!

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BelAmiOnline: Gaelan Binoche and Lance Thurber and Roger Lambert: Condom Free

You can’t find someone much luckier than Gaelan Binoche. This week BelAmiOnline have a double update where he gets to fuck not just one, but two of his special buddies. First up he is with super hung Lance Thurber, and when he has tired out Lance, he is joined by star Roger Lambert for round two. Lots of super hardcore and condom-free action!

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