Czech Hunter: Skater Lad Agrees To Get Fucked For Cash

The Czech Hunter cameraman decided to visit the most famous skating spot in Prague this week. It was a sunny day so he soon found many young guys practicing their skills. You wouldn’t believe how many handsome young skaters there are! Eventually he settled on one cute lad in a hoodie. He wasn’t a great skater, so our cameraman tried to earn his attention with some flattery … and it worked perfectly. He totally bought the lie about making a documentary about skater culture in Prague. They went off together and had a nice cold beer and chatted and it was soon obvious the lad was really open-minded and soon agreed to skate around with bare chest … and before long, with some extra cash on offer, he agreed to go somewhere more private to film the contents of his trousers!

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ChaosMen: Franco and Ivan and Sam

This bareback scene from ChaosMen has three guys and four cum shots! Franco, Ivan and Sam have all only ever done solo and duo scenes so far, so everyone in this video is new to doing a threesome, let alone a raw Tag-Team. Everyone gets fucked in this video, with Franco and Sam both excelling at bottoming. Ivan however, still looks like he vacillates from pain to pleasure … poor lad! Ivan cream-pies Franco’s hole, breeding him so that his cum slides out as he juices him … the sight of which made Franco instantly nut Then Sam came around back to add his own load to Ivan’s, fucking Franco with Ivan’s load as lube!

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Sean Cody: Nixon and Blake

Blake was clearly very excited when he took one look at sexy new Sean Cody model Nixon. Nixon is a wrestler, so when they had playful fight down on the beach, naturally he won, even though Blake put up a good fight. However, Blake didn’t seem to think he lost … “My definition of winning is getting pinned by a sexy guy. It’s win-win for me!” Once they got back indoors Nixon gave his raw arsehole a good pounding and both were left feeling like winners!

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Lucas Kazan: Lorenzo Arca and Ettore tosi

24 year old Lorenzo Arca is no ordinary trainee and this is no ordinary sex scene from Lucas Kazan. For the first time, Ettore Tosi shares his most intimate sexual life, not only as the expert coach you’ve come to know, but as a real-life life-partner too. Come see what happens in the bedroom, when an Italian porn star and his on-and-off Sicilian boyfriend get it on together … on film!

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