Mormon Boyz: Elder Hardt and Elder Harward

“Shhhh … keep quiet … there are other people in the building!” Elder Hardt said, without stopping. He was being quiet as he quickly buried the length of his hard dick into Elder Harward’s arsehole with deep long strokes. Elder Harward clearly was holding back as best he could … having to concentrate to not let his quiet whimpers become ecstatic screams of pleasure! You just have to watch these two studs from Mormon Boyz as they fuck raw after a Bible Study session!

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Broke Straight Boys: Paul Canon Fucks Skyler Daniels: Bareback

Paul Canon and Skyler Daniels are back at Broke Straight Boys, and these two hot straight guys are ready to suck and fuck, bareback, for some cash! They’re not too hard to start, but once they get to kissing and their cocks touch, they soon get a little harder. And once the oral starts, their dicks are standing at attention ready for the main event, where Skylar gets Paul’s cock up his butt hole … and there’s no condoms in sight!

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ChaosMen: Bay and Griffin: Pure Flip Fuck

Griffin is able to jump in to any situation, and always hungry for cock. He also told ChaosMen that he loves being face fucked, and likes the challenge of deep-throating a big cock … and so today we can watch in awe as Bay go balls-deep down Griffin’s throat. He truly can take it all the way! Bay was mighty impressed! The guys flip-flop fuck in this video. Griffin has a lot of experience giving head, but not as much with fucking. Bay’s ample cock took a little time for Griffin’s hole to get used to, but he still managed to pop his nut with Bay’s boner buried deep within him!

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Broke Straight Boys: Ryan Fields Fucks Romeo James: Bareback

Ryan’s a little nervous since he’s jumping right from a solo scene into fucking a dude … and bareback too! That’s right, he loves to fuck so much that the Broke Straight Boys crew just thought they’d eliminate the oral-only part and take him all the way … straight away! He’s a little hesitant to kiss Romeo, but he gives it a shot and then tackles his next hurdle: giving head! He sucks on Romeo’s cock, making that boner harder than it already was, and Romeo gives him some pointers along the way. This newbie is a natural at cock-sucking, already deep-throating and getting the balls involved as he works that dick with his mouth. Romeo’s up next and he shows first-timer Ryan how it’s done, slobbering on that meat and getting it super hard before he lubes up and bends over for Ryan. Romeo guides Ryan’s cock inside and instinct takes over from there as Ryan pulls and pushes his dick in and out slowly, loving the feel of Romeo’s super tight arsehole around his prick. They fuck raw in a few different positions and both parties are clearly enjoying themselves as their copious cum loads prove!

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