Sketchy Sex: Fuck His Load In: Part 2

The Sketchy Sex team have been getting a lot of emails recently from anxious Site Members wanted to know when Part 2 of “Fuck His Load In” was coming out! They didn’t want to disappoint, so here it is … and it was worth the wait! When we last saw Nate, he had just taken about half a dozen loads, but was still hungry for more … so the revolving door of tops started with Nate again bent over and oh so willingly, taking a shitload more of these guy’s cocks … and their multiple cum loads!

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Dallas Reeves: Jared King and Lane Larson: Bareback

Lane Larson walked up to Dallas Reeves hottie Jared King and asked him “What are you doing?” Jared replied, “… eating a banana” … and that’s how it all began. Lane pulled out his cock and Jared wasted no time going down and sucking it, Lane also wanted to taste Jared’s hard long cock, so he knelt down to consume it. Jared rode on top and got a load all over his arse, and then came over Lane’s chest!

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Czech Hunter: Straight and Proud Hottie Gets Fucked

Today’s young hottie at Czech Hunter claims to be “Straight and Proud“! He works as a florist for a monthly salary of 15,000 crowns. Very poor money even in Prague. He continuously called our cameraman a pervert and a freak. But as you know, he’s not one to give up on a hottie this this! Anyway, he finally agreed to at least show his off his cock and then agreed to give a blow-job. They went to a local hotel but after he started with a hand-job he again started to question the whole thing. My goodness, he then claimed that he wanted to become a football-player, so our ingenious cameraman convinced him to give him a foot-job. But naked!

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Straight Fraternity: Parker Tops Tad Bareback

Parker is straight and quite reluctant to arse-fuck another guy. But today he really needed the cash and agreed to fuck Tad, one of the member’s of the Straight Fraternity site … raw! First Tad got Parker hard … which didn’t take long … he may have been reluctant, but he sure was horny! Then he gave him a foot massage and a blowjob. Then once they were both naked and hard and ready to fuck … that’s what happened!

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