William Higgins: Milan Neoral and Vlado Tomek: Raw

Category : William Higgins

Milan Neoral is asleep on the William Higgins studio sofa, after some heavy drinking the night before, when Vlado Tomek arrives and finds him passed out. Vlado kneels over Milan and begins to massage his legs and arse cheeks. Pulling down the underwear he leans forward and kisses that sexy butt, spreading the cheeks apart and rimming the tight hole hidden between them. Milan wakes up but just lays there enjoying the sensations of his arsehole being licked and probed by a hot, wet tongue … things just get better from there on … check it out below!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Jacob Taylor Breeds Ross

Category : Guys In Sweatpants

Ross loves getting fucked bareback by big dicks, but add the 210lbs of Jacob Taylor that is behind that, and he’s totally in bottom heaven! In this hot scene from Guys In Sweatpants, Ross goes from rubbing and feeling Jacob’s chest, to finding himself being man-handled by Jacob as he gets him onto his back so that he can fuck him balls deep. Ross is the definition of an insatiable bottom, but Jacob’s 8 inches of uncut cock is no joke either … in fact Ross actually came unexpectedly mid-fuck while he was riding it, and then as penance Jacob doggy-style fucked the cum out of him a second time … hands-free too!

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Debt Dandy: Drunk Driver Needs Cash Fast

Category : Debt Dandy

Drinking and driving is a very stupid thing to do. Today the Debt Dandy met with a guy who had just done both, and tho he didn’t get caught by the police, something even worse happened to him. He and his friend crashed into a very expensive car that was driven by an angry Russian guy accompanied by his friends. The deal was as follows: no police, 50,000 Crowns from each as compensation. Naturally his insurance Company wouldn’t pay anything to a drunk driver so the poor lad had to scrape every single Crown he had. And even then he was 22,000 Crowns short. Apparently, the angry Russian was not a guy you would like to mess with … and the lad was naturally scared, which made things very easy indeed for the dirty-minded cameraman! The guy was willing do anything to solve his monetary problems … in fact, they even had time to try his girlfriend’s vibrators!

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Sean Cody: Brendan and Pete

Category : Sean Cody

Straight hunk Brendan has come back to Sean Cody this week to get bareback fucked for the first time ever … by none other than charming bi-sexual lad Pete! Brendan goes down on Pete’s cock, getting it nice and hard, then Pete gets between Brendan’s arse cheeks and rims his hole til it’s all nice and slippery and wet, and then slide’s his raw boner deep inside that virgin hole … hot guys, very hot sex!

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