Family Dick: Chris Damned and Braden Taylor: Am I Bothering You?

High-powered businessman and Family Dick model, Chris Damned, hates getting distracted while he’s working, but his annoying stepson, Braden Taylor won’t stop pestering him while he’s trying to take care of business. Finally, the old man gives in when the boy starts paying extra attention to his veiny cock, sucking and slurping until the big guy is ready to blow.

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Latin Boyz: Talvez and Eddie

So, according to Latin Boyz, the back story to this video goes as follows … Talvez is walking down the street thinking about one of the gay Latino bareback videos he had watched earlier that morning. Of course, this causes his dick to get hard. He has it under control but decides to go into a restroom inside a nearby restaurant and jack off to relieve the pressure. Obviously, the big bulge is going to catch someone’s attention. Little does he know he is being followed by a cute Latin (Eddie) that notices the bulge in his shorts and his trying to hide his own hard on. They enter the restroom at nearly the same time. The twink quietly locks the door behind them and stands at the urinal next to Talvez. He pulls out his hard cock and starts stroking it right away. Talvez notices and pulls his own throbbing dick out for Eddie to look at. Clearly Eddie isn’t going to waste a moment like this. He immediately drops to his knees and starts sucking Talvez’ big dick. After a couple minutes he’s rewarded with a huge load of cum being shot down his throat. Before going their separate ways they exchanged numbers and Eddie lets it be know he wants to get fucked. Talvez says he wants to do it but only if they do it in a Latin Boyz video together … and here it is!

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Young Perps: Jesse Zeppelin and Ryland Kingsman: Previously Captured

This isn’t the first time young Ryland Kingsman has been in trouble with the authorities. So, when he admits to Young Perps model and Loss Prevention Officer, Jesse Zeppelin, that he’s shared some intimate moments with other Officers, the horny security guard wants to see exactly what the boy’s learned about pleasing the long, fat cock of the law.

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William Higgins: Adamek Alex and Milos Dena

Milos Dena is the lucky guy who gets to be the partner in Adamek Alex’s Screen test here with William Higgins. Handsome, fit-bodied Adamek sits on the bed with Milos and answers some questions about his prior sexual experiences. Then he and Milos begin to kiss. Soon after they get naked and the cock sucking begins in earnest. Not long after that, Milos presents his butt to Milos who cannot wait to enter that warm, tight love tunnel!

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