ChaosMen: Bailey and Kyle Wyncrest: RAW

Bailey really loves to be dominated, and Kyle certainly can be bossy! So, in this hot scene from ChaosMen, Kyle makes Bailey suck his dick, making him gag on it hard! He also makes him eat his arse too. Then, before fucking Bailey, Kyle licks his hole with spit and lube and suddenly shoves it into him deep. Giving his butt a few spanks to redden his cheeks to prove he’s the boss here! There is even some choking as Kyle really pounds him.

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Sean Cody: Blake and Asher: Raw Flip Flop Fuck

By now, tall, blond hunk Blake and tanned, sexy stud Asher have been around the block more than a few times, which is why these two versatile hotties are experts at getting each other out of their clothes for this Sean Cody flip flop fuck. Blake sucks Asher’s cock hungrily as Asher plays with Blake’s arse, fucking him missionary before Blake rides his cock, then pounding him against the wall till the guy cums hard. Then it’s time for Blake to top, eating Asher’s arse and fucking him doggy style before these guys make out in missionary until another pulse-pounding orgasm that leaves both their top and bottom sides satisfied!

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Bromo: Marcus Ruhl and Kaden Alexander: The Garage: Part 2

Marcus Ruhl is photographing the naked Kaden Alexander in his garage. Kaden looks stunned and shy about showing off his penis and testicles … but before long things change around and Kaden finds the feeling of Marcus’s mouth sucking on his rapidly hardening uncut cock quite pleasurable … and then later he fucks the older guys’ tight arsehole … bareback! The Bromo film crew were there too, and captured the scene for our viewing pleasure!

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