ChaosMen: Solomon and Theon: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

In this video from ChaosMen, Theon is fucking Solomon on his back, when all of a sudden Solomon has an epiphany that he can actually cum from being fucked. Despite only being part way through the shoot, he just ran with it while it was happening … but you gotta join to see it!

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ChaosMen: Alexandro and Jake Lyons RAW

Category : ChaosMen

This is Alexandro’s second attempt at topping a dude. He’s still not keen on sucking dick, so it’ a little one-sided again. Jake is an aggressive bottom, and though Alexandro is laying back “chilling” while Jake works his dick, he is by no means passive like Hagan was in his earlier ChaosMen video. He also knows how to use his dick and fuck with some style. Some of these guys with super big dicks tend to be tentative, but once he saw Jake sit on his cock, Alexandro seemed to get even more turned on.

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ChaosMen: Curtis and Darius and Vander: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Curtis … Darius … Vander … three straight ChaosMen models … Raw Tag Teaming … what can you say about these three straight hunks when they get together and fuck each other … RAW … no condoms …. bareback … it’s amazing the positions these guys get themselves into … check it out below!

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ChaosMen: Eli and Stone RAW

Category : ChaosMen

Stone has a nice hairy body and a big cock and Eli loves to be fucked hard, fast and furious … so this was a perfect pairing, just made for the ChaosMen cameras … two masculine guys, fucking raw. Eli actually unloads while being fucked and Stone frosts his asshole before plunging his till hard cock right back in … hot!

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