BelAmiOnline: Dennis Mikkelsen and Andre Boleyn: Condom Free

Dennis Mikkelsen is not a newcomer to porn, having worked before for some straight porn companies. When he came to work with BelAmiOnline, he told them that he had started to ‘broaden his horizons and questioned his sexuality’ … so they set him up with Andre Boleyn to see how things would go. The results is this energetic condom free fuck scene with each stud shooting two loads of cum!

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BelAmiOnline: Phil Jarreau and Marc Ruffalo

Marc Ruffalo is playing hard to get in this raunchy BelAmiOnline scene with co-star Phil Jarreau. He makes his scene partner prove that he’s ‘worth the effort’ beforehand. Of course, this is all a ruse, and we know that Marc is always looking forward to a new and willing bottom! The action is here is sensual and romantic and Marc takes his time to make sure that Phil leaves satisfied in every way.

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BelAmiOnline: Joaquin Arrenas and Kirk Gauguin

BelAmiOnline model Joaquin has a point today when he tries to convince Kirk that they can skip the foreplay and go straight to the fucking, after all, how many of you are like Kirk and skip straight to the action when watching porn? Regardless of the logic of the argument, Kirk is adamant, if Joaquin wants him to fuck him, they can’t just skip to the main course but need to have the whole banquet, and entre of sucking, lots of rimming between courses and dessert of creamy cum.

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