FraternityX: Frat Bitch

After giving Jake a hard time for being a total pussy, the FraternityX guys decided he needed to suck some cock. It doesn’t take a lot to get Jake onto a dick. A couple shots of vodka will do it … then he’s definitely the frat house bitch.

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Sean Cody: Cameron and Blake: Bareback

The ultra-sexy Cameron and Blake are two straight and masculine guys who are prepared to do whatever it takes to make Sean Cody and his camera team (and us too …) very happy … and today that is … bareback fucking! Blake’s been a bottom several times before, and sure does a great job at it … Cameron is a top, and is equally good at it too!

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ChaosMen: Micah and Stone

Both Micah and Stone have both learned to love bottoming, yet both excel at topping, so ChaosMen thought a nice flip-flop video would work well. Before the filming started, the two of them were debating their favourite position to be fucked in, and they both said sitting on a cock is the best. So the cameraman had them flip-flop, taking turns sitting on each other’s dicks.

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FraternityX: 5 Dudes 2 Holes

Five of the FraternityX brothers had a face fucking party last Saturday night in the kitchen with Grant. Actually, it was more like a cock buffet. Grant couldn’t get enough dick … swallowing all their cocks deeply, as fast as he could. The guys were literally fighting over his mouth. They saved his arse for dessert, and everyone wanted a piece of that warm anal pie … bareback of course!

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