Active Duty: Drew Tops Wayne: Bareback

The sexy Wayne is back at Active Duty again this week after his first time bottoming the week before last! Maybe he liked it? This time he’s paired with Drew and the two guys are keen to put on a good show … and they did. Bottoming newbie Wayne let Drew (who’s usually a bottom) top him for only his second time ever! You get to see Wayne wince and grunt his way through bottoming for Drew. It’s clear … crystal clear … that this is very new to Wayne. Drew says he’s never had a hole this tight before, while Wayne blurts out that Drew is so big.

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Active Duty: Wayne Tops Drew: Bareback

Sexy toned newbies Drew and Wayne return to the Active Duty bed once again. This time the two fit studs move from stroking each other to taking turns sucking each other’s beautiful stiff rods. Then, amazingly, Drew invites the studly Wayne to top him, saying that he wants him to. Wayne lubes up his bare pole and slides right on into Drew from behind. Drew is panting like a dog in summer as Wayne picks up the pace. Eventually, Drew is cursing and saying it’s too big and Wayne keeps going and builds to a big streaming load decorating Drew’s bubble bottom and arched back … hot bareback fuck!

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Active Duty: Bryce Tops Grant

Active Duty features two straight amateurs with big thick poles in a recent video update. Bryce is a cute hung porn veteran who has featured on the site quite a few times. While Grant is a meaty, relatively new straight recruit with a thick pole that has only had his dick sucked and been the top guy in a couple of videos … so far. In this scene he actually trades hand jobs with Bryce, then lets Bryce suck him before topping him bare in a couple of positions and blowing a load all over his rear.

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Active Duty: Bryce and Kasen

This scene from Active Duty picks up right up where they left off with Kasen and Bryce recently … these guys are now totally ready to take things one step further. This is where things get very interesting. They talk a little about the first step together as their cocks are already out and flopping around. They spend some time on cock-sucking, before the big surprise. Kasen takes Bryce’s huge cock … bareback … up his tight little ass! They fuck in several positions, before Kasen tells Bryce to “come for me” and that’s all it takes for Bryce to lose his beads of cum all over Kasen’s stomach and cock.

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