Czech Hunter: The Lad From The Shopping Mall

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman chose a local shopping mall for his hunting ground and got lucky as soon as he got out of his car. He stumbled upon a young guy who was there to buy a birthday present for his girlfriend. He bought her some very expensive perfume. The poor boy was willing to sacrifice his hard earned money to make her happy. He worked as a cashier so he didn’t have much to spare. So, our cameraman offered to pay for the present and even throw some extra money on top, if the lad would drop his trousers and show off his uncut cock! At first he was a bit scared by the offer, he eventually calmed down a bit and even agreed to fool around in the car for even more cash. And then as the lad lived nearby, they went back to his place and fucked … bareback!

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Czech Hunter: Cute Innocent Lad Needs Some Fast Cash To Start A Business

The Czech Hunter found a lost lamb this week. Life can be incredibly hard and unfair. This lad spent most of his childhood in an orphanage. When he turned 18, he was basically kicked out into real life without any support. Fortunately, he had some high school education involving computers and that when our cameraman found him … putting up posters around his neighbourhood advertising that he was starting a business as a computer repair guy. When he told his life story, including some very private stuff, the cameraman just knew he had to help the poor guy out … at least a little. He responded to his offer (sex for cash) almost too well, he was genuinely grateful, and when the time came, he was a real trouper!

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Active Duty: Drew Bottoms For Tim: Bareback

Active Duty director Mike has delivered a brand new hard core bareback scene starring Drew (after months and months away!) and Tim. Drew’s returning after getting out of the military and he’s ready to turn his butt over to Tim and his massive hard on. The guys start mutually jerking one another, but it’s Drew that decides to take the leap and go down on Tim first. It’s cute to watch Tim’s eyes widen as Drew goes down him and guides his head down with a hand behind his head! After a spell, it’s time for Drew to lean back and get his shaft taken for a spin. Soon, Drew is on his stomach, bottom in the air, and Tim is slowly (at first) entering him from behind (bareback). Tim’s member is quite thick, and it’s clear that Drew is struggling a bit with the girth (and length), but he’s a real trooper … check it out below!

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Active Duty: Marty and Tim

It’s been a while since Marty has been on the Active Duty site and, if you’re a fan, you’ll soon notice he’s not quite so little anymore! The dude has gotten seriously ripped! The guys met each other the other day and played pool and got to know one another, and now they are going to get to know each other on a whole new level! Marty and Tim start groping one another and it isn’t long before the shirts are off and the abs are popping out all over the place! After Marty has felt up Tim’s rippling chest, he goes down and takes Tim’s piece into his mouth. Soon, it’s time for Tim to blow Marty, and he does so with gusto. It’s hypnotic to watch Tim suck Marty while Tim’s big ol’ rod is swinging in the breeze. After some more sucking, it’s time for Marty to get royally plowed. First, he sits on Tim, facing away from him, and starts to go for a ride. He can’t take too much of that, gasping, “Damn!,” so he turns around and plants his bottom down while facing Tim. Finally, the guys move to the bed, where they can get more comfortable. Tim eventually shoots his load all over Marty’s stomach, and Marty quickly follows suit with his own gushing load. Whew!

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