Czech Hunter: The Soccer Lad

The Czech Hunter thinks that Soccer is one of the straightest of all sports. And when it comes to lads, he especially likes soccer players the most. When he saw this lad the other the morning, he knew he was a soccer player … he had those brown eyes and black, dark hair, and though he looked self-confident, he was in fact quite shy. He offered him a casting for some model job and indeed he seemed interested … a lot! Well, when he finally stripped the cameraman found out the shyness was momentary … things just got hotter from there on!

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FraternityX: Balls Deep Yo

It sucks, quite literally, to be the new guy at the Fraternity X frat house … and Chris certainly didn’t expect to have aching hole and a mouthful of cum only an hour after arriving for a frat house party!

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Boys Halfway House: Barebacking 19yo Lad and Cumming In His Arse

A 19yo resident of the Boys Halfway House with all the tats is a misbehaving little fuck. He really gets on the house managers’ nerves almost all the time. After having an unauthorized guest over the night before, everyone had all had enough. Fortunately, the house manager was horny and needed to bust a load. Unfortunately, this little prick is a squirming 19 year old with an arsehole that’s almost too tight to plough. Getting that dick inside him was harder that pounding a fence post into granite, but a bit of spit as lube helped it on its way … and he barebacked the little fucker and came in his hole!

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Czech Hunter: The Economics Student Gets Fucked

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman met a young lad from Ostrava. He is a student of economics and came to Prague to visit a friend. And as his friend has to work during the day, he was sightseeing and had noticed the cameraman doing his thing before they actually started chatting. So he was curious as to what he was doing … so, as he seemed open and friendly, the cameraman offered his some money to show off his cock … then things just got dirtier from there!

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