Disruptive Films: Isaac Parker and Trevor Brooks: Just Like You

Leo Roth (aka Disruptive Films model Isaac Parker) is having a hard time transitioning to college life, especially since he moved to a new town and lives off campus. It’s so easy for other people, but not for him. He wants to find a way to make it better but he’s at a loss, until he meets his neighbour Kane. Kane (aka Trevor Brooks) is everything that Leo isn’t and exactly who Leo wants to be. As far as Leo is concerned, getting in good with Kane is a great way to better himself, so that’s what he does.

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Disruptive Films: Jack Bailey and Cliff Jensen: A Cowboy and A Gentleman

Justin O’Neal’s family is sick of his spoiled and entitled behaviour. They send Justin (aka Disruptive Films model Jack Bailey) to a remediation ranch to curb his destructive ways. At the ranch, Justin learns how to be a cowboy and a gentleman from ranch hand Sam Gillis (aka Cliff Jensen). Sam is sure he’s gotten through to Justin, but old (bad) habits can’t be kicked so easily.

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Disruptive Films: Des Irez and Jkab Ethan Dale

William Thorne (aka Disruptive Films model Des Irez) is a passionate man who wants to make changes in his community. In order to do so, he’s running for city council. When he hosts an open house to get to know the voters, he’s disappointed that only one citizen shows up. Logan Fritz (aka Jkab Ethan Dale) shares similar values with William and is excited to support William’s bid for the council. As sad as William is that nobody else came, he’s happy to get to know Logan on an emotional and intimate level.

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Disruptive Films: Vincent O’Reilly and Ian Holms: On The Side

Marcus Cook (aka Disruptive Films model Ian Holmes) is a married man, but his wife can’t please him as well as a man can. And he found one man who gets him off just how he likes it, Andy Stiller (aka Vincent O’Reilly). Andy has been Marcus’s sidepiece for two years and Andy has been in love with him for one more than that. When Marcus tells Andy that he has major news and whisks him away for a romantic weekend, Andy is hopeful that he’s about to have everything he’s ever wanted.

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