FraternityX: Hungry Hole

Category : FraternityX

Last weekend was epic at FraternityX! Grant and Ethan were fucking for hours in the garage! Benny couldn’t get enough cock. He was trying to fuck everything and everyone in the house, even the fuse-ball machine! Finally, Grant and Ethan took turns pounding breeding Benny’s hole …

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TX College Boys: Leon and Alexander: Bareback

Category : TXCollegeBoys

Every now and then the TX College Boys producer does a little travelling, and it’s always fun to see what hot college boys he can find along the way. This particular time he was in Atlanta where a cute 18 yo named Alexander answered an ad saying that he had a friend … Leon … who would be interested in doing a scene with him. They had fooled around a little before, but with both still living at home it was hard for them to really do much. They were planning to start college in the fall and were planning to share a dorm room together. They figured they could use this video as a way not only to make some cash, but also to get a jump on all the fun they’d be having once at school. Neither one had ever been on camera before and they were a little nervous. They start off by exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues and slowly undressing each other. They really seemed to be into each other which was hot to see. After stripping down to their sexy briefs, Alex puts his lips on Leon’s growing cock and starts pleasuring his buddy orally. Leon returns the favour by working Alexander’s love stick over with his tongue. Then with Alexander on his back, Leon slips a finger into his friend’s eager hole. Soft moans are heard as Leon continues to finger fuck Alexander while he simultaneously stroked his buddy’s shaft. It wasn’t long before it wasn’t just a finger up Alexander’s tight ass … and no condoms either!

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Czech Hunter: Outside The Shopping Centre

Category : Czech Hunter

The Czech Hunter cameraman started his hunt in outside his favourite shopping center. Not long after getting there, he saw a young man apparently going home from the supermarket. He was a bit shy in the beginning. But he was persuaded to invite the cameraman back to apartment. Thing went really well once they got back there too … plenty of oral action followed by raw fucking!

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Sean Cody: Alexander and Jordan: Bareback: Pt 2

Category : Sean Cody

“You know,” Alexander said casually, “I really prefer getting fucked.” … “Really?” Sean Cody blurted out, almost choking on the bottled water he was drinking. “That’s odd for a straight guy to say!” … “Well, it’s true,” he replied with a chuckle. “You get to lay back and get pounded. It’s an intense feeling, but I really like it.” … “He’s discovered his prostate!” Jordan chimed in. They both laughed. “Hey, you don’t mind if I bottom do you?” Alexander asked politely. “Of course not!” Jordan said. “It’s all you man … I’m usually the one bottoming anyway, so my ass could use a break!”

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