BelAmiOnline: Robin Michaux and Vadim Farrell

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Robin Michaux has amassed many fans in his short time at BelAmiOnline. With today’s episode he’s brought together with his first Hungarian ever, in Vadim Farrell. Robin does his best to please Vadim, first with a hot cup of tea in bed, and then with his sweet bubble arse! Though Robin has not been around that long he sure does a great job taking Vadim’s big raw cock!

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BelAmiOnline: Vadim Farrell and Jim Kerouac: Condom Free

Category : BelAmiOnline

Jim Kerouac and Vadim Farrell are two of the most sexual of the many boys at BelAmiOnline. They also feature amazing physiques and big, fat uncut cocks that are hard … on demand! Vadim rarely bottoms, but today he has no choice with all top Jim. Watch Vadim spread his beautiful bubble butt for Jim’s big raw cock.

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BelAmiOnline: Jason Clark and Vadim Farrell and Colin Hewitt: Bareback

Category : BelAmiOnline

Today BelAmiOnline feature three of their most studly young guys and a an enchanting opening sequence of the boys in the pool. Jason Clark, Vadim Farrell and Colin Hewitt mesmerise the camera during the opening, then slowly towel one another off and seamlessly take their passion inside … for a super-hot bareback threesome!

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BelAmiOnline: Adam Archuleta and Vadim Farrell

Category : BelAmiOnline

It’s not often that you get to see Adam Archuleta bottoming these days, but this scene from BelAmiOnline is one of those rare times. Vadim Farrell gladly plays the role of tour guide for this scene, although he has to be the worst tour guide ever, as all Adam ever gets to see is the inside of Vadim’s bedroom (and pants). Watch as Vadim delivers a hot fuck to the sweet round arse of Adam … and condom free too!

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