ChaosMen: Chip and Tyler: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen thought he could arrange a little Twink-fest with both Chip and Tyler making up Team Lean. Tyler is gay, but likes to top. Tyler is so turned on, he is hard for the entire video. If you get to watch the video, you’ll see that for the ending you get a double treat. Tyler juices Chip’s hole, followed-up with Chip giving Tyler and an amazing cum-eating facial!

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ChaosMen: Isaiah and Tyler: RAW

Category : ChaosMen

ChaosMen told Tyler before the shoot that Isaiah’s “unit” wasn’t going to be a challenge, but it seems to just keep getting bigger with every shoot he does!. Tyler is about as lean as they get, so seeing that cock in scale to his body, you’d think it would split him in two. But Tyler takes Isaiah’s cock with ease and if you watch the video you will see it loud and clear that Tyler does in fact like to bottom, and he really worked some difficult positions AND allowed the cameras to get some great insert shots. Two hot guys … one hot fuck session!

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Guys In Sweatpants: Andrew and Tyler: Bareback

Category : Guys In Sweatpants

According to Andrew, he hadn’t topped in over a year before fucking Tyler. He could have fooled the Guys In Sweatpants film crew though, because he fucked Tyler hard and balls deep for a long time in this scene today. This was ok with Tyler because he LOVES getting fucked. This entire video happened LIVE and in one continuous take … so what you’re watching is how it really went down! There’s nothing hotter than watching Tyler cum with Andrew’s cock deep and bare inside him …

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Guys In Sweatpants: Tyler and Dylan: Raw Fantasy Fuck

Category : Guys In Sweatpants

The last time Tyler was over at Guys In Sweatpants, he and the film crew were discussing different sex fantasies and desires. Getting blindfolded and fucked by an anonymous person was high on Tyler’s list, and being as hot as it sounded, it was agreed that it needed to happen. And who better to do it with than Dylan and his thick, 9 inch cock? The first time they saw each other was when Dylan pulled off the blindfold; up until then, Tyler had a raw, anonymous, and huge cock in his arsehole … just as he had wanted!

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