CockyBoys: Benjamin Blue and Manuel Skye

CockyBoys model Benjamin Blue is excited to be with his first older guy … Manuel Skye! Manuel is the type of guy who is ready to take control HIS way with a balance of slow burning passion and hard, dominant sex. Manuel takes his time seducing Benjamin with sensual foreplay and subtle training as he strips him down. And prepares him for a sensual bareback fuck session not to be missed!

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Sean Cody: Taylor and Dalton: Bareback

Sean Cody finds that sometimes it takes the straight boys a little while to come around and try new things. This was the case with Taylor … Even though it had been nearly two years since his last appearance on the site, he was very excited to come back. “ I’ve been thinking about it a lot,” he said. “It sounds fun!” … Dalton was also excited. “This will be my first time getting fucked,” he said. “I can’t wait!” … Both of them were really shy when they first met. Dalton kind of led the way and things warmed up quickly … just check out the pre-cum oozing out of Taylor’s cock during the first position change!

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Czech Hunter: Getting A Lad Into The Car

The Czech Hunter cameraman hurt his legs a few weeks ago and is still using crutches … so the streets have been safe for young straight guys for a while! But he’s feeling better and decided to go out and about and try to get a guy into his car. He drove around for almost half an hour before he saw a young lad on the street and decided to stop and ask him for directions … then, of course, his true purpose was made known and he offered the young man a few 1000 crowns and a lift if he got into the car for a quick fondle and blow job … and perhaps more?

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