BelAmiOnline: Jim Kerouac and Dylan Maguire: Condom Free

BelAmiOnline star Jim Kerouac is always happy to get a hold of some fresh meat to play with … but Dylan Maguire is more than eager and doesn’t leave it to Jim to do all the work! After sucking Jim off for a while he starts riding him and proves he’s willing to do whatever it takes to please. When Jim takes over and gets on top it’s obvious that both lads are really into each other as Dylan shoots his load while Jim pounds away before pulling out and unloading all over the innocent newcomer’s face.

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Sean Cody: Marshall and Brice: Bareback: Pt 2

“So you have a man crush?” asks Sean Cody. “There’s no such thing as a man crush!” Marshall replies with a chuckle. “So you just have a crush?” jokingly repeats … “Let’s just say that I am so excited for this film,” he replied. “I’ve been waiting for it to happen since we first met!” When he said “we” he was talking about himself and Brice. They actually met several months ago. They had both been visiting at the same time for their first Sean Cody videos. “We met at the hotel,” Brice said. “I knew he was here working for the site.” “So it was love at first sight?” Sean asked. “Yes!” Brice said. “He’s so fucking gorgeous. I started talking to him and we exchanged numbers. We’ve been texting ever since.” Sean knew that Brice was excited about this. He had been asking for a while about when it was going to happen. It was obvious that he couldn’t wait to get Marshall’s thick cock inside him! “It feels so good!” Brice moaned as Marshall fucked him. He looked up at the camera crew and said, “When he rams his big dick in all the way …” But Marshall didn’t even give him a chance to finish his sentence! Brice was biting the pillow instead!

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