SpunkWorthy: Landon Fucks Eddie: Bareback

Landon is back at SpunkWorthy and this time he’s breaking some boundaries he never thought he’d ever cross. When he got in touch to say that he was ready to top a guy, the film crew knew exactly who to pair him with. Eddie had recently said he too was down for getting fucked on camera … plus both of the guys had said they liked their sex a bit rough and raw, so what a great pairing for their respective first times!

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Sean Cody: Aidan and Landon: Bareback: Pt 2

“You know what?” Aidan asked, lounging on the sofa. “I think this is going to be fun!” … “You’re not nervous?” asked Sean Cody. “No!” he replied. “It helps that Landon is here. He’s really friendly …” … “He also has a big dick!” joked Sean. Landon laughed. He was rubbing Aidan’s shoulders and the two of them were bonding quickly. “You just let me do the driving,” Landon said, winking at Aidan. And that’s exactly what he did. Aidan leaned back and slid his pants off. His hard cock popped out of his underwear. Landon grinned, and then leaned in to give Aidan a wet, sloppy blow job. It was just what Aidan needed to relax! Landon’s tongue (and even a finger) were working over Aidan’s hole. Landon was rock hard at this point, and he adjusted himself so he go in and start fucking Aidan. The response was immediate! “Oh damn,” Aidan said. “That feels good!” … “Shit, I’m going to cum!” And with that Aidan blew a HUGE load all over Landon’s face and neck. He was soaked!

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