Sean Cody: Jess and Jayden: Bareback

“I seem to have more fun each time I come out here,” Jess said. He was sitting in the back seat of the car with Jayden. “The weather is beautiful, the guys are great,” he continued. “Life is good!” … That’s what Sean Cody likes about Jess … he’s always happy! Sean could also tell that Jayden liked Jess. Jayden is a little shy, but he got up some courage and started rubbing Jess’ cock through his pants. This day was starting well … and these lads were going to have some fun! Jayden has gotten really good at taking the big cocks! “I was kind of afraid of them at first,” he said matter-of-factly … “But now, it’s like, the bigger the better!”

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Sean Cody: Jess and Ryan: Bareback

Sean Cody hadn’t seen Jess in almost two years … but he hasn’t changed a bit … he still looks great, he still has a great body and, of course, he still has that horse-hung dick between his legs! “He’s my favourite,” Ryan said, looking up into Jess’ eyes. “Jess has always been my favourite.” Ryan couldn’t keep his hands off of Jess. In fact, Sean kept noticing him sneaking glances down to Jess’ crotch. “At home,” Ryan said, “I used to sneak away and watch his videos after everyone else went to bed!” … “So you must be pretty excited right now?” remarked Sean. “Fuck yeah!” he replied … Ryan’s eyes were wide open as he undid Jess’ pants. “I want that dick in my mouth!” he said. Ryan was really excited to get fucked! When Jess slid his dick in for the first time you could see Ryan really lose his breath and get lost in the action. “This is really intense!” Ryan exhaled. “He’s so fucking deep!” … “ I’m only halfway in you know?” Jess laughed …

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