Active Duty: Corey and Tim and Wayne: Raw Threeway

Category : Active Duty

In this latest video from Active Duty, the gorgeous Corey and Tim sizzled in their first gay three way with Wayne! The scene opens with the trio of hot guys lined up on the bed fully clothed … but it doesn’t take long before all three are shirtless, hard and jerking. Corey jerks his companions as they take turns on him and then hops up on his knees to suck on them, revealing that his camouflage underwear say “Booty Camp.” As the sucking action evolves, the guys end up in a nice daisy chain. But before you know it, the guys switch around and Corey ends up on his back as Wayne lubes up for a raw rear entry. Wayne tops Corey bareback in a couple of positions, including Corey showing off his back arching skills while on his knees. Next, Wayne tops Tim as Corey plays with Tim’s amazing bouncing pec muscles. Wayne is the first to blow his load, all over Tim’s chest. Finally, it’s Corey’s turn to top Tim bareback, who has a little trouble accepting the big package that Corey is trying to deliver! Tim pants and yells a few obscenities, but Corey gets into a good rhythm. Soon, both Corey and Tim are shooting their loads all over Tim’s perfect eight-pack of ab muscles and it’s a wrap!

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ChaosMen: Jeremiah and Jet: Bareback

Category : ChaosMen

Once ChaosMen saw how aggressively Jeremiah liked to fuck, they knew they had to pick the right guy for him to work with in today’s shoot. Jet can take a right royal pounding, and his cock just becomes a fountain of cum when a dude is aggressively fucking him, so he was an obvious choice … and Jeremiah just loved to see how his raw cock made Jet cum … multiple times!

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Czech Hunter: The Cute Lad Who Knew How To Haggle

Category : Czech Hunter

Today’s lad was a regular whore. But the Czech Hunter cameraman found that he was far from easy to convince to do what he wanted him to do, mainly because he really knew how to haggle. He took so much convincing before he finally stopped playing hard to get; and tho he eventually walked away with a sore arsehole, he also had managed to haggle our cameraman out of every single bit of money he had!

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BelAmiOnline: Johnny Bloom and Harris Hilton

Category : BelAmiOnline

Hot young BelAmiOnline models Johnny and Harris leave aside their soccer training session and focus on sucking and licking each other’s cocks and balls. Johnny is first taking the reins of the match and drills Harris’ tight raw hole and shoots a super load all over his buddy’s mouth.

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