FraternityX: The Initiation

Category : FraternityX

Anthony first met Myles while taking a Biology class at the local College. He caught him checking out some other dudes butt in between classes. After a couple weeks of buttering him up, this piece of boy meat was primed and ready for anything. Anthony invited him over to FraternityX for his official no-holds-barred, raw and raunchy initiation. Everyone in this Frat fucking loves College!

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FraternityX: Pretty Boy: Pt 1

Category : FraternityX

Newbie Zach was a good boy and brought home some freshman arse for the FraternityX bros to snack on. They slipped him some roofies, and dragged his sorry arse onto the floor. They fucked it raw for a bit before dropping their loads in his sweet pretty boy hole.

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FraternityX: Get That Arse Bro

Category : FraternityX

The lads from the FraternityX frat house like to shoot good quality videos for their members … after all, it pays their rent! So today, when AJ got wasted and kept interrupting their filming, they got upset with him! Stiffer threw him on the ground, held him down and tied the dumb ass to a bench press. Then the lads dumped their loads in and on him for the next couple of hours!

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FraternityX: Balls Deep Yo

Category : FraternityX

It sucks, quite literally, to be the new guy at the Fraternity X frat house … and Chris certainly didn’t expect to have aching hole and a mouthful of cum only an hour after arriving for a frat house party!

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