FraternityX: Face Fucked

Category : FraternityX

Dustin is a hot little Canuck studying in the USA. He recently showed up at the FraternityX doorstep after a weekend of binge drinking. His nose was busted up after a little brawl outside the local bars and he needed a place to crash. Angelo and Roman wanted a little taste of his sweet smooth ass. Dustin now knows nothing in this house is free …!

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FraternityX: Throw That Dick In

Category : FraternityX

A duo video is not the usual FraternityX style, but everyone knows Benny’s insatiable appetite for cock. So they figured Jackson and him would make a pretty hot vid together. But even Jackson’s ten inches of meat wasn’t enough to satisfy Benny. Half way through the vid, they dragged the camera operator into the video, and together they both continued to fuck and breed his bare hole.

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FraternityX: Ride That Cock

Category : FraternityX

Everyone in the FraternityX house can fuck Jake whenever they want. His ass is a free for all. Last week Cody and a few other guys ended up tag teaming him in the downstairs bedroom. Everyone had a lot fun face fucking him and even more fun letting him ride their raw cocks. It doesn’t matter how much cock Jake gets … it’s just never enough!

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FraternityX: Hungry Hole

Category : FraternityX

Last weekend was epic at FraternityX! Grant and Ethan were fucking for hours in the garage! Benny couldn’t get enough cock. He was trying to fuck everything and everyone in the house, even the fuse-ball machine! Finally, Grant and Ethan took turns pounding breeding Benny’s hole …

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