Sean Cody: Curtis and Dean: Bareback Flip Fuck

Category : Sean Cody

Curtis and Dean are here this week with Sean Cody for a super-hot flip-flop fuck … bareback too! Check it out below!

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Sean Cody: Curtis and Pete: Bareback Flip Fuck

Category : Sean Cody

Curtis and Pete were over with Sean Cody recently to film this amazingly hot flip fuck … totally bareback too. It is a sight to behold, watching the gorgeous bi-curious Pete as he rims Curtis’s arsehole in preparation of fucking it raw with his nice long cut cock … and then later, when the boys switch about, it will make you cream your pants!

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Sean Cody: Shaw and Curtis: Bareback

Category : Sean Cody

Shaw is quickly becoming one of the most popular models on the Sean Cody site and he is really starting to open up. “When I first rolled in, I thought this was interesting and new. Now I get excited wondering whom I get to fuck next. It’s like a cock and arse buffet!” Curtis was fully on board for this barebacking scene too. “He is for sure one of the hottest guys you have paired me with and he’s got a big dick. This should be fun!” Curtis was all smiles. Once Shaw slid his raw hard-on in, Curtis got off right away on the feelings. “He made me get off without touching myself. It’s those big dicks man, they get me every time” Curtis said with a twinkle in his eyes!

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Sean Cody: Ashton and Curtis: Bareback Flip Fuck

Category : Sean Cody

“I love it when I can feel the other guy cum in me,” Curtis said quietly, but within the hearing range of Sean Cody. Sean laughed, Curtis wasn’t normally so shy about letting everyone know how much he’s enjoying himself … “For some reason it makes me get off almost right away,” he continued. “I fucking love it!” … His partner today, Ashton, just laughed and replied … “I say give the man what he wants! I’ll cum in his ass!” … and in the end they did exactly that to each other during this flip flop bareback fuck!

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