Drill My Hole: Calhoun Sawyer and Kyle Connors: Travelling for Dick: Part 3

Drill My Hole model Calhoun Sawyer’s cross-country dick-hunting trip has taken him to Chattanooga, where he’s excited to hook up with muscular farmhand Kyle Connors for some ginger-on-ginger action. Calhoun loves how buff Kyle is, and Kyle is a big fan who can’t wait to get his hands and mouth on Calhoun’s famous cock. Country boy Kyle has some impressive deep-throating skills, and he’s more than impressed by Calhoun’s tongue in his hole, which soon has him begging for that dick. Calhoun fucks the burly bottom doggy-style, then blows Kyle’s mind by sucking his toes as he pounds him mish. Calhoun cums on Kyle’s face, then asks the other redhead to shoot hot jizz all over his cock.

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BelAmiOnline: Christian Lundgren and Kieran Benning

BelAmiOnline have outdone themselves with this scene featuring Christian Lundgren and Kieran Benning. Although they don’t tend to explore fetishes too often, it goes without saying that some of their guys have specific things that really turn them on. For Christian it is feet, and he finally gets his chance to act on his desire in the tub with Kieran. Even though he has a love of feet, his true love really is getting fucked by a big, rock-hard uncut cock and Kieran is the perfect partner to fulfil this desire as well!

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Boys Halfway House: Brody Michaels: Arrogant P.O.S. Bathroom Bang

Every once in a while the Boys Halfway House gets a resident that just inspires extreme disdain. Brody is one such arrogant piece of shit. At dinner one night he decided to mouth off, and afterward he went to work out. Upon his return he made some snide remark as he went to take a shower. That was the final straw. The House Master walked in on him showering and yanked out my cock and stood there watching him as he began stroking his cock – just so Brody would know what was coming. Next thing you know, this P.O.S. was on his knees with a cock in his mouth, and not long after that he was on his back, legs in the air and a big, fat raw cock up his arrogant arsehole!

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