FraternityX: The Initiation

Category : FraternityX

Anthony first met Myles while taking a Biology class at the local College. He caught him checking out some other dudes butt in between classes. After a couple weeks of buttering him up, this piece of boy meat was primed and ready for anything. Anthony invited him over to FraternityX for his official no-holds-barred, raw and raunchy initiation. Everyone in this Frat fucking loves College!

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FraternityX: Double Penetration University

Category : FraternityX

The FraternityX boys played a little game. Toss the football around and whoever drops the ball first – gets fucked! Well of course Grant, the little bottom bitch drops it first. They all know it was on purpose. You guys probably remember Grant, just a couple months ago the Fat guys found his drunk dumb ass trying to pick up chicks outside the local 7-11. This dude loves all their straight Frat cocks, and all the time too. He can’t get enough cum up his tight 21 year old raw arsehole! And today, he takes two cocks at the same time … double penetration time!

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FraternityX: Virgin Hole

Category : FraternityX

A bunch of the Fraternity X guys walked into the house after tossing the ball around in the backyard. They were all sweaty, and looking to grab a beer, but instead found Angelo sniffing on Jansen’s underwear. They watched as Jansen grabbed Angelo by the head and shoved his face into his sweaty crotch. Then cute blond boy Jansen bent over the bench-press and asked to get eaten out. He got his wish as several guys took turns licking and fingering his smooth virgin hole until finally stuffing it with their big dicks. After loads of fucking and pre-cum dumping – two of the dudes laid on the couch with legs up in the air begging to get fucked. Kev took turns fucking both dudes, going back and fourth between the two holes. Finally he and Angelo dumped their loads onto blond guys hole, and punched it back in!

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FraternityX: Smoking Cock

Category : FraternityX

As usual pretty boy Morgan got really trashed at a party last weekend. A couple of the FraternityX guys saw an opportunity to take advantage of him, so they led him to a sofa. He was seriously face fucked for almost half an hour until they took turns rimming his pretty hole before pounding it hard and finally cum dumping their loads deep inside him. Party hard!

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