ChaosMen: Boris and Kyle Wyncrest: RAW

ChaosMen had been hoping to get these guys paired together since Boris first started shooting with them. He is such a great Bottom. It is a bit surprising that he does identify as straight, maybe he’s nudging closer towards the bi-sexual label. It just could be that he loves getting fucked, after all, in this video you can see him get lost in bottoming. But he is REALLY in to it! Kyle, of course, is as strong a Top as ever. The guy really can spoon fuck, and never fumbles to find the hole, nor does ever “fall out”. He really is a master of this position!

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BelAmiOnline: Billy Cotton and Boris Beckham: Condom Free

Billy Cotton is a real pro and loves to show off his skills to the other BelAmiOnline models. Boris Beckham is more than willing to use Billy’s athletic tattooed body and his nice dick for own his naughty pleasures. Even though this night scene is filmed in the cool evening hours, both guys manage to work up quite a sweat here with their enthusiastic love-making. Watch as Billy fucks Boris … condom free!

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