Freshmen: Allan Aimee and Nate Donaghy

Freshmen decided to pair Allan Aimee with one of their wild boys, Nate Donaghy. This scene was filmed last winter during one of Prague’s coldest days. The scene starts off with Allan freezing his butt off while waiting outside on a park bench and so when Nate brings him inside, he quickly sets out to make his frigid friend as warm as possible, taking off his clothes so that he may apply some body heat. After unwrapping his “present” Nate decides that Allan’s dick and arse need some extra special attention!

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BelAmiOnline: Allan Aimee and Bastian Dufy

This is Freshman model Allan’s first outing at BelAmiOnline and they have chosen to bring us a home video with Bastian Dufy as his introduction. Our pair of lovers had arranged to meet up in the park for a walk together first, but it seems that Allan may have had a bit of a heavy night and sleeps through all of Bastian’s desperate calls. Never one to be deterred, Bas decides to take a direct approach at solving his problem and go and wake him up himself. This is ‘morning’ sex at its best and a rim job is better than an alarm clock any day as a reminder that you need to get up.

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