Active Duty: Seth and Gage: Bareback Flip Fuck

Gage, the smiling soldier from Active Duty is back again and this time he’s breaking in a much newer recruit, Seth. The guys get down to just their undies and then Seth goes down for a nice sampling of Gage’s sweet cock. He pulls it out and gets to plumping up that tasty dick. Gage’s fatty starts popping up nicely and he removes his boxer shorts the rest of the way. He moves over to have a taste of Seth’s hardening boner for a few licks before going up on his knees to allow Seth better access to his delicious erection. The guys move into a nice 69, where Seth get to bury his face deep between Gage’s tight arse cheeks. This of course is the lead up to Seth slapping his mammoth boner on Gage’s hole, teasing it a little, then pushing it in nice and slow, the only way a dick that big can possibly enter such a tight poop-shute. Then later they swap around and enjoy a nice flip fuck before the cummy finale!

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Active Duty: Markie and Gage

Markie is fresh out of the service and what better a place than Active Duty to end up, especially with a vet like Gage. Both are equally excited to explore each other’s bodies and everyone wants to make sure Markie has a great first time. After the guys are introduced to each other, the two start making out … there’s some hot kissing and petting. Markie is ready to show his talent as he pulls out Gage’s cock and gets him nice hard with his wet mouth. His ink makes him look like a bad boy, but Markie is very submissive towards Gage … but not before he fucks him. They are enjoying each other so much they take turns fucking arses … nice and slow and steady until Markie lets his load spurt all over his chest.

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Active Duty: Brock and Tim: Bareback

This scene from Active Duty opens with Brock and Tim on the bed … hands start to fish around inside jeans, groping for rods that are quickly coming to life. Tim repeatedly glances at Brock’s package and what he’s working with. The shirts and pants start to come off, and the guys start jerking off one another. Then they settle into a 69 position for a spell, sucking on one another’s big pieces as things get more heated. Then it’s time for the pounding to commence, and Brock’s on his back, legs flung in the air, and Tim is spearing into him — bareback. This is a hot fuck and only ends after some amazing anal action and Tim ends up with a really hot cum facial!

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