Active Duty: Drew Bottoms For Tim: Bareback

Active Duty director Mike has delivered a brand new hard core bareback scene starring Drew (after months and months away!) and Tim. Drew’s returning after getting out of the military and he’s ready to turn his butt over to Tim and his massive hard on. The guys start mutually jerking one another, but it’s Drew that decides to take the leap and go down on Tim first. It’s cute to watch Tim’s eyes widen as Drew goes down him and guides his head down with a hand behind his head! After a spell, it’s time for Drew to lean back and get his shaft taken for a spin. Soon, Drew is on his stomach, bottom in the air, and Tim is slowly (at first) entering him from behind (bareback). Tim’s member is quite thick, and it’s clear that Drew is struggling a bit with the girth (and length), but he’s a real trooper … check it out below!

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Active Duty: Bridger and Austin

This week at Active Duty hot hunk Bridger is breaking in new recruit Austin … and boy oh boy, is this scene a hot one! Both guys are right into it and they start off with some deep kissing right off the bat, and neither held back. It wasn’t long tho before they were completely stripped down, with Bridger on top, cock rock-hard and ready to fuck Austin’s tight raw hole … check it out below!

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Active Duty: Arron and Ivan James: Bareback

After some warming up, both guys get naked and jerk their cocks for a little while. Then, to the Active Duty cameraman’s surprise, Arron is first to jump down on Ivan James’s cock. He manned right up and took the first bullet! By the looks of it, Ivan is quite impressed with Arron’s first attempt at pleasuring a guy with his mouth too! Soon Ivan returns the favour and later the guys even kiss! Then it’s time to really get down and dirty, and we get to see what happens when Arron fucks his first male arsehole … totally bareback too!

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