Sean Cody: Morgan and Jessie: Bareback Flip Fuck

Morgan and Jessie couldn’t figure out who wanted to do what to who … so Sean Cody came up with an idea of a flip fuck and using a double-ended dildo … and when he told Morgan about it Morgan replied … “I am pretty excited!” … “I want to try a little of everything!” … Jessie was definitely up for that too, so they ended up taking turns fucking each other … and then brought in the double-ended dildo that Morgan had spotted before the shoot and double-fucked each other at the same time!

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Czech Hunter: The Lad Feeding The Birds

Prague has a wonderful river-walk. All along the river you can sit, relax and enjoy the day. The Czech Hunter cameraman saw a guy sitting on a park bench and feeding some pigeons, swans and ducks. He looked a bit depressed. Maybe some money would cheer him up? He agreed to sell his undies for two thousand crowns. He was so much into money that the cameraman even talked him into giving him a blow job. When he noticed his pert little arse, the cameraman asked him for even more. Well, you must see his reaction …

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FraternityX: Virgin Hole

A bunch of the Fraternity X guys walked into the house after tossing the ball around in the backyard. They were all sweaty, and looking to grab a beer, but instead found Angelo sniffing on Jansen’s underwear. They watched as Jansen grabbed Angelo by the head and shoved his face into his sweaty crotch. Then cute blond boy Jansen bent over the bench-press and asked to get eaten out. He got his wish as several guys took turns licking and fingering his smooth virgin hole until finally stuffing it with their big dicks. After loads of fucking and pre-cum dumping – two of the dudes laid on the couch with legs up in the air begging to get fucked. Kev took turns fucking both dudes, going back and fourth between the two holes. Finally he and Angelo dumped their loads onto blond guys hole, and punched it back in!

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Czech Hunter: The Guy In The Scarfe

The Czech Hunter cameraman saw a young guy walking down the road and he was wearing a kind of scarf that indicated that he could be gay as well. So he went up to him and asked him if he was. OMG, he wasn’t and he almost freaked out. But in the end he was so much into making some fast money that, he step by step, became the cameraman’s dirty little gay (but straight) bitch!

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